Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Movie mania

So the husband is back from good old Bangalore with 2 bags full of goodies including chakli, kodbale, nippattu,kai murku,7 different varieties of sweets, the cutest kurthis and some really cool DVDs and music CDs.

At this point I must confess that I have this quirk.If I like a movie or a book,I can watch the same movie or read the same book over and over and over again.I never get bored.That out of the way,I was super excited when I saw the Lagaan DVD in M's suitcase.I ABSOLUTELY love that movie.Every scene in the movie was so well written and executed.Especially the cricket match itself.Every aspect of cricket was covered so effortlessly.As far as I am concerned,it was sheer poetry!But what makes this movie really really special to me is the ridiculous amount of fun I had when I watched it for the first time on the big screen with my crazy cousin Soms and our crazy gang of friends.

It was a Sunday evening and we were so many of us that we filled up an entire row of seats.All of us were self-proclaimed cricket buffs.All of us "expressed our emotions very vociferously" meaning we were hooligans.So we were all engrossed in the movie and were behaving ourselves up until the match started.And from then on,we were completely out of control.We cheered each and every ball.It was almost like we were watching an actual cricket match and we were cheering for our Men In Blue.During the English innings,we screamed like retards for every wicket that fell.And when Capt.Russel got out,my cousin Soms was cheering so wildly that she fell off her seat.And no one noticed.When Aamir Khan and the Sardar came out to bat,we gave them a standing ovation.Every run was precious and we made sure we conveyed our feelings about how precious the run was,loud and clear.My cousin Soms is very petite and cute and no one will ever suspect what a wild cat she can be by just looking at her.And she can whistle like a train that runs on steam,that one!And she showed off her prowess by punctuating every run with her loud and shrill whistle.When someone got out,we cursed like sailors . Everytime a four was hit,all of us stood up and did a little jig.

It was one hell of an evening.And while we were busy going bananas,there was this older couple sitting right behind us who found our riot act very annoying.See the thing is everyone present in the movie hall had joined in the party and were having a good time.But this particular couple were old school and insisted that we sit down and watch the movie without ever uttering a single word.Every now and then they would poke one of us from the back and go,"Yenappa,yaak asht joraagi badkothidira?" (Why pa, are shouting on top of your voice?) and "Yakamma, hudgiraagi isht galati madthiralla?Nimm thaayi thandhe yenu helalvaa?"(Why ma,being girls how can make so much noise?Don't your parents object?) If only they knew how much noise all our parents made during a cricket match!Where do they think we got our genes from,huh? When all their jibes fell on deaf ears,(literally because we couldn't hear anything in the din) they just resorted to making sarcastic comments.When even that did not work,they just went "hucch mundevu, hucch mundevu"(Errr..I don't know how to translate that one) in a disgusted tone like every 10 seconds.

But the icing on the cake was when the movie was over and we were making our way out,the husband and wife were generally complaining about our behavior to no one in particular and they looked at my cousin and went,"Magu,ninge thumba disturb aagirbeku alla,yaaru ninna pakka kootirouru thumba loud aagi whistle maadidhu maadidhe."(Child,someone sitting next to you kept whistling incessantly.Did it not disturb you?) And she went,"Adhe hinge alvaa uncle?"(You mean like this,uncle?) and let out the loudest whistle ever! The expression on their faces was priceless!