Monday, April 13, 2009

I am still here...

My last post was a while ago. Every so often, I would have these surgent thoughts but I never got down to putting them down on paper. I could have written post after post about how much I hate my new job already or about how weird and petty my current boss is. I guess I was just too overwhelmed with it all because I felt incredibly ungrateful whenever I complained about my new job.I still have a job that pays and this counts for a lot these days. It has been an extremely hectic past few weeks. New job, new people, new culture, new rules, new job profile. Its been 5 weeks and I am nowhere close to feeling at ease.

It finally took this post by Cluelessness to shake me out of this bout of inactivity and attempt to revive my blog. I am in that really fun phase where I am constantly looking for ideas to decorate my house. I have all these plans that seem really cool in my head but its hard to find stuff that fit into my grand scheme of things and bring those plans to fruition. I am thoroughly enjoying the whole process though.There is nothing more exhilarating than the experience of getting to do your home in whatsoever way you think fit! It is for sure work in progress since there is always something or the other that needs to be done or bought or fixed or added or changed!

I am able to keep my sanity intact mainly because I am still on an incredible high, thanks to our new home. It gives me an outlet to let all my frustration out and give it a more creative and constructive outlet. Retails therapy helps some too. La Vida Loca, this is for you :