Friday, February 29, 2008

Moving along...

So after the much needed ranting,I am going to move on.Thanks much, you guys, for your comments and suggestions and for stopping by.You know the truth is that I have nothing against my profession.It is just my current job that sucks big time.But yeah I have been contemplating a change for a while now and it is time that I did something about it.

Su is finally back from hibernation and she tagged me with this really fun meme.I first saw it on Once Again's blog and loved it right there!

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now (don't list names):

1. I wish we could be good friends.I like you for many reasons but then you just go ahead and spoil everything with your bizzare behavior.It is almost like as if you have MPD.
2. I know all about your schemes.I try hard to forget that incident but it is just not possible.You pretend to be someone else all the time.Why?
3. You need to get a life.Not everything is about you.
4. Screw you.I quit.
5. We will do so when we are good and ready.
6. You have changed beyond recognition.I miss the old you.
7. I am so sorry I couldn't make it to your wedding.I know you needed me on that day but I let you down.I am sorry.
8. You need to stop competing with me.We are not the same person.I don't judge you for the choices you have made so you need to stop being a bitch at times.
9. You have led privileged lives so good for you.But that doesn't give you the right to be so sarcastic and downright annoying.
10. I wish you were born as my sister.We would have fought like crazy but then we would have been the best sisters ever.

Nine Things About Yourself:

1. I need to connect with people in a certain way to be able to feel comfortable with them.And the ones I do connect with,I value their association for life.But I can strike a conversation with just about anybody.
2. I am pretty good at a whole lot of things but I am not an expert at anything.I can pick up something new at lightning speed.
3. I lose interest very easily.
4. I am very stubborn.
5. I will do something only if I feel upto it.It is very hard to force me to do something that I don't quite believe in or care for.
6. I love to shop; be it clothes or shoes and accessories or books or something for our home.
7. I used to be very frank and voice my opinions without mincing words.And that landed me in a lot trouble.So I managed to change and become the complete opposite.Now I either say what I feel or I just don't say anything at all.
8. I love to dress up and look good.I love going out.I love attending functions and parties.I like it when the house is full of people.I like good conversation and banter.
9. I have trouble at the very beginning of anything; be it a task at work or a conversation or a relationship.

Eight Ways To Win Your Heart:

1. Humor.Good humor.Make me laugh.
2. Intelligence
3. Be sensitive without being a sissy.
4. Be honest.Don't pretend.Give it to me straight.
5. If you make promises,then keep them.
6. Be attentive.Pamper me.Worship me.
7. Be there for me through good and bad.
Don't be manipulative.I hate mind games.

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot:

1. How much did we spend vs save this week?
2. Thank you god for making my mom all better.Why her though?But I am glad she is ok.
3. We have such weird relatives.
4. Will I ever get to where I want professionally?
5. Will I ever stop getting pimples?
6. I wish I had more close,really good friends.
7. What if...?

Six Things You Wish You Never Did:

1. Losing my temper with my mom when she was unwell.
2. Letting the politics at work get to me.
3. Trying to be someone else albeit reluctantly with some people to impress them.It just came back to bite me in the ass.
4. Missing one of my closest friend's wedding.
5. Letting people and their attitude get to me.
6. Not being independent enough when I was single.

Five Turn-Off's:

1. Body odor
2. Boorishness and rudeness and arrogance
3. Foul language and cussing for no reason.
4. Unkempt hair and nails.
5. Bad manners and dishonesty

Four Turn-On's

1. Intelligence
2. Great sense of humor
3. Cleanliness; you know like washed hair,clipped nails,good looks,great body and smells divine
4. Mystery

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1. Travel,travel,travel
2. Have the flattest abs ever.
3. Master and become perfect in atleast 2 of the things that I am good at.

Two Smileys that Describe You

1. :-)
2. :-(

One Confession

I judge people.

And now I tag : Dot mom, bird's eye view, shruti, Madhu, Silvara and Pri

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I hate my job

I hate my job.There.I said it.Out loud.

I do not have the slightest clue as to what I am doing at this place.Quit you say?But I cannot do so.Working in a foreign country has its downs as well vis-a-vis some unwarranted work visa situations and such.But I am so waiting for the first chance when I can actually run away from this place officially.Officially because I do so every day in my head.

I want to do something else with my time.I am bored of being a software engineer.I want to explore other avenues.But I am not sure what I can do.I am supposed to be an excellent speaker and when it came to giving presentations or conducting training sessions,I was always the chosen one.So what can I do?What else can I do that would make me want to go to work instead of having to drag myself out at gun point?

Do tell.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Alphabet tag..oh and today is National Margarita Day.

The lovely Chandni tagged me with this ABC tag.[just passing by tagged me too but only as an afterthought :P]
I am so glad to be doing this today as I have no blog fodder whatsoever.So here goes:

A-Available? Depends on what the availability is for.

B-Best friend: M,my muddleheaded husband!

C-Cake or Pie? Why do I have to choose?

D-Drink of choice: A good cuppa tea and margaritas.

E-Essential thing used everyday: Perfume and moisturizer.

F-Favourite colour: Blue...all shades of blue.

G-Gummi bears or worms: Huh?

H-Hometown: Bangalore

I-Indulgence: A bi-monthly visit to ULTA.It always burns a hole in my pockets but what the heck..I am worth it!

J-January or February: I will just go ahead and say Feb as its shorter.

K-Kids and names: None.

L-Life is incomplete without: M.

M-Marriage date: November 6th,2003

N-Number of siblings: None.I am a spoilt brat!

O-Oranges or apples: Oranges any day!

P-Phobias: Heights and reptiles.

Q-Quote: It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.

R-Reason to smile: At the risk of sounding like a complete sap,it would have to be having M in my life.

S-Season: Spring

T-Tag three people: Silvara M(not the husband but the other M of Reflections *grin*) and La Vida Loca

U-Unknown fact about me: My eyebrows have to be done no matter what.And the hair(of my eyebrows) should always always be in place.

V-Vegetable you do not like: Butternut squash.

W-Worst habit: I lose interest easily,especially if something is not to my liking or is not going my way or I have nothing invested in it.(This doesn't quite qualify as a habit does it.Oh whatever!)

X-x-rays you have had: Back,teeth,ankle

Y-Your favourite food: Comfort food.

Z-Zodiac: Taurus

Friday, February 15, 2008

She went to Fry's!

So at around noon yesterday,I got this sudden inspiration to surprise M with a V-Day gift.After some serious pondering,I figured he needed an armband for his mp3 player in order to take it to the gym.So I checked online and saw that FRY's had a good one in stock.I knew that the husband was planning on going home around 3.00 pm as he was feeling quite under the weather.He has been down with the flu since Monday but has been really swamped at work and hence was not in a position to take some time off to recoup.

So I picked up the armband and a king of hearts mug and a simple card from Hallmark,went home,gift-wrapped both and left the card and the armband on the laptop in the living room and the mug on the rest room counter next to the sink and went back to work.

M went home and since the first thing he normally does is open the laptop,he found his first gift without any difficulty.And not to mention,he loved it.I went home 10 minutes later and was greeted by a sick but beaming M.And since the idiot hadn't even seen his other gift inspite of having used the restroom,I asked him to go look for it.He did and at this point he was thrilled to bits about his gifts.

He then asked me from where I bought the armband.I said FRY's of course.And you should have seen the proud look on his face that my answer elicited."Fry's?You went to Fry's?!Aww you went to Fry's." he said.Apparently the best part of it all was the fact that I went to FRY's for the armband.And what about all the effort I put into everything else?Doesn't that count for something?Silly fellow.It was almost like the male version of that ad for Jarred Jewellery where everyone raves about how "HE WENT TO JARRED!". FRY's is M's mecca for all practical purposes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Its Tag Time apparently

Blogging in this neck of the woods has been highly sporadic.Have I been that busy,you wonder.The answer is no.In fact it is just the opposite.For a while now,I have had too much free time on hand to the extent that I do not know what to do with it.I come to work,I do whatever little official work is there to be done,I read all the blogs,I prepare for some certification exam that I decided to take up,I go to the gym in the evenings and I come home and cook dinner even.And yet sometimes I feel like my head will explode due to the lack of activity of any kind at office.It is so unbelievably quiet and slow out here.

M tagged me with the five-post tag thats been doing the rounds.So here goes nothing.

Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given : family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

Family : I don't think I have written too many exclusive posts on my family as such.I have made references to their cricket craze here. And also about something to do with birthdays and the family's take here.

Friends : I have several friends but I am close to only a handful of them. Again I have made passing references here and here and here to my friends from high school and college who are closest to me and mean a lot.

Yourself : Now I know why some of the bloggers I visit regularly called this a vanity tag! Well,a few tidbits about the way I feel about certain things can be found here and here. Something else that I feel strongly about is here. I love this particular post though. It is a whole lot about nothing in particular but there is a lot of me in there! Err....I am not as shallow as I am making myself out to be.So much for vanity!

My love : That would be my dog Lucy and of course the love of my life,M, who makes veggie pizzas with paneer topping from scratch! And also this post about our anniversary celebrations and this really cute post about this one really cute day!

Anything I like : It would have to be this post about my mom's battle with breast cancer and how she overcame all the hurdles with such gusto. She is one special lady and I am so damn proud of her!

And I have to tag 5 people?Most bloggers I know have already done this tag.
So lets see : Maddy,La Vida Loca,just passing by,Su(jpb and Su,you girls need to come out of your self-imposed exiles like soon!) and abhipraya(the new acquaintance that I want to get to know better?!)

Friday, February 1, 2008

I am the best

I have always thrived in a competitive atmosphere.In school our famous gang of 6 comprised of the top 6 in class.The first 6 spots in everything ranging from academics to debates to essay writing to poetry recitation , was shared between the 6 of us.Coming to think of it now,I am a little surprised as to how we maintained such a healthy and close bond while never letting go of the competitive streak in us.To the extent that when we all met up recently,the conversation veered inevitably towards school days and competitions and all of us claimed vehemently that we stood first in something or the other and also claimed that we had the certificates to prove so!

It was no different in college either.Maddy and Bhava were and are my closest friends and we were all equally good vis-a-vis academics and the whole nine yards.Yet I do not recall a single instance when the competitive streak got the better of us or got in the way of our friendship.Well ok,there was this one teeny weeny instance with Maddy(Maddy,remember? :-) ) but nothing a good talk wouldn't sort out.

But it was like being competitive assumed a whole new meaning at my work place.The competition was very fierce and cut-throat to the extent that it turned ugly most of the times.I used to have huge arguments with the guys on my team about the project and most of the times I found myself just giving up half way through as I just could not get used to their aggression or their rough language.This became their mantra against me as it worked every single time.Be rude and talk nasty and she will automatically step back.Over time,my hyde thickened to an extent but nasty talk coupled with foul language continues to be my Achilles heel to this day.

Edited to add: The workplace I am referring to is my first workplace back in Bangalore and not my current one.