Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life nahin hai laddoo

It has been a particularly unpleasant start to the weekend.

So about a couple of weeks ago,I was on my way to the parlor and I got my very first traffic ticket.And it was such a freaky incident too.I passed a school bus that had its stop sign on.See the thing is I have never seen a school bus with a stop sign hanging by its sides like little wings. Never. So I realized that I should have stopped the very next second after I had passed the bus and saw the stop sign but it was too late.The darned cop came flying out of nowhere and swooped in on me and very majestically handed me my first ever ticket.I was whining and mopping all evening about how unfair it was and how I should have been let off with just a warning.The husband and everyone else consoled me by reminding me that I could pay a small fine and do the defensive driving course and get away with it.

I went to the Municipal Court yesterday afternoon only to learn that I cannot do the defensive driving course for this particular offense.Oh and it gets worse.I have been ordered to cough up a fine of $433.00.Oooo yeah.The lady behind the counter was so amused that I had to pay such a hefty fine that she said she would give me a month's extension and that I would start my 90-day probation period right away.I guess she assumed I was a well-dressed destitute when she saw the grief-stricken look on my face while she hemmed and hawed about the how huge the fine amount was.

"Oh my my,this is so much higher than the construction area fines too.You be careful from now on,dear.The moment you spot a school bus,try and go past it like nobody's business." she said.

Thank you.

Then I decided to buy a new book in order to try and cheer myself up.There was this excuse of a book fair happening right outside my office building which consisted of maybe 4 copies each of about 10 different books out of which 8 were for little kids.Anyways,I spotted a copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseni and picked it up right away.Oh dear,I could not have picked out a book that was more wrong.It turned out to be a big big mistake.Ok,it is well written and he has depicted the turmoil in Afghanistan very well..yada yada yada.But the book is so damn depressing.And it made me angry.Very angry.I was already all moppy and whiny and this book just threw me right at the bottom.I would not recommend it to anyone.Especially not to someone trying to cheer herself up with a good read.Nope.


La vida Loca said...

ouch for the fine.
oh u poor baby. here's hopin it get better.

Pri said...

holy mother of road fines. that's crazy. you poor poor thing!

Anonymous said...

oh hon! happens to the best of us...hope u feel better soon :)

Anonymous said...

oh my !! thats tooo much of a fine! *sigh*
hope u feel good soon :)

Silvara said...


Hate getting tickets...although most of mine have been parking tickets...and not when I was driving :P

It's a fantastic book but yes not one for cheering oneself up with.

Anonymous said...

Ah! That muct have hurt! Anyways, another item on the ' do-not-touch-when-in-a-depressed-mood-already' is 'One Flew over the cuckoo's nest. I watched the movie on a seemingly depressing evening, and ensured that it became one :(
Also, cheer up! Things will sure get better!

I love Lucy said...

@Loca : Thanks much!Everyone around me has been saying forget about it...I do too for a while and then when I see that pair of shoes that I so want to buy,it all comes back!

@Pri : I know.That fool could have just let me off with a warning but no.

@Chandu : Thanks :)

@SnS : Oh its going to take a while to feel good about it.But thanks :)

@Silvara : Ouch alright!Oh and the book was such a let down.IT was far too realistic for my taste.

@Divya : Thanks for the tip.It is on my to-buy list so will make sure I chose an appropriate day!
And thanks! :)

DotMom said...

ouch. that hurt. thank god they are nottingputting points on you license. That would be worse.. I think it IS a serios offense to not stop for a school bus. sorry about the ticket.

I love Lucy said...

@DM : I agree.
Apart from the fact that I had to cough up a hefty fine, the main reason for my displeasure is that it was a freak accident.In the sense that I am a very careful driver but I was totally taken by surprise by the school bus with the stop sign as I had never ever seen one.I slowed down but did not stop until after 2 seconds of spotting the stop sign and realizing my folly.But it was too late.

Anonymous said...

aww that sucks. I remember the first time i saw the stop sign on a school bus - i had no clue what it meant and i just overtook it. lucky for me there weren't any cops around. so sorry you have to pay so heavily.

just passing by said...

sympathies. hugs. chocolate cakes (assuming you like them) and all love .

Orchid said...

gosh! that must've hurt!!
yipee!, a fellow bangalorean blogging from irving. bangalore was home till 9 yrs ago when I moved to Tx and Irving was home till 10 days ago when I moved to PLano....vow! small world reallly and like i said the desi blog population is getting bigger..
shoot me an email at and we'll talk more!

Sraikh said...

Thats a painful fine.

I love Lucy said...

@broom : thanks for the empathy.everytime i see those lovely pair of shoes,i feel a little guilty to splurge now!(but i go ahead and do it anyways :D)

@JPB : Oh thanks hun! :)

@Orchid : Yay!! Will email you today.

@sraikh : Arrgh alright!Thanks for stopping by.I am a regular at your blog but haven't left any comments though.I love reading about your beautiful family :)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate. It must have been month-end "Collection" time perhaps :)

La vida Loca said...

I have interesting gift for my blog...hehehhehheh

I love Lucy said...

@KA : That must have surely been the case.Not that much difference in modus operandi between our own khakhi clad folk back home and these guys here,huh!

@Loca : What what?!!Tell tell!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!