Tuesday, September 28, 2010


* So I have been really sick all weekend long.It started off as a cold and then morphed into a really terrible cold and cough with a stomach bug thrown in for added measure. It naturally fell upon the husband to take care of me and nurse me back to health. I do give him credit for being a sweetheart and indulging me and generally doing a good job of being my caregiver but despite everything, I somehow could not stop wanting my mommy! This obviously did not go down too well with M but he was nice enough to not let it affect his care-giving duties. I shudder to think of when and how the bitterness will manifest itself!

* I have know M since we were in high school and yet after we got married, I suddenly morphed into this control freak and wanted things done my way. Thankfully, I realized my folly soon enough and learned to let go and take it easy. I was hoping that we both would influence each other and some of our positives would rub off on each other. Well, it struck me yesterday that the end result has been that I have imbibed most of M's negative qualities and made them ours now so there is no distinction! So I am now lazier and less prone to losing my mind over a sink full of dishes and M, he just remained the way he was. This was obviously not the plan I had in mind but what the heck, I am at peace with it!


la vida loca said...

its like looking in a mirror

snippetsnscribbles said...

I know! I wonder why they never learn anything from us ... :(

Hope you're feeling better now, dear.

Sumana said...

Lol i bet this happens in every household. how easily we unlearn our skills and they never learn it.Loved the post. Hope you feel better.

Abhipraya said...

That my dear is story of marriage :) Hope you are feeling better.

Dee said...

Soo true..

Fortunately for me, the DH is a control freak and I have imbibed some good stuff from him like the cleanliness, the want to learn something new etc..

If it weren't for him pushing me I would have never learnt to drive, to swim, to sit in an plane without having a mini-melt down!

I wonder if he has picked my bad-habits?!?

I love Lucy said...

[loca] : Tell me more. Start blogging.

[SnS] : Thanks, I am feeling much better!

[Sumana] : Isn't it! Sometimes I feel its just easier to pick up all the bad habits and thats why the couple collectively moves towards the negative end of the spectrum!

[Abhipraya] : I am glad others think so too! Makes me feel less guilty about becoming a lazy bum!

[Dee] : Now this is a fresh perspective! I like!