Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Food and bliss

The husband plans to visit Bangalore after 4 long years, for a couple of weeks.He wants to spend as much time as he possibly can---eating(what else!).Now all he remembers is some chicken/mutton rolls from some place called Fanoo's.

So all you Bangalore foodies out there,indulge us here and help the man out by suggesting some really good eateries , you know, the to-die-for kinds?

Your help will be much appreciated!


Pri said...

you asked...

Abhipraya said...

oooh Fanoos is great!

Spunky Monkey said...

MTRnalli ond sala full meals maaDdale hodre Bengloorig bandidde waste-u!

Anonymous said...

NV's swaer these days by barbeque nation , anjapura for chtettinaad nonveg and nandhini for andhra one !!
looking out for itallian : via milano, italia, little italy and spiga
Good north Indian : saheb sindh sultan , copper chimaney ,bombay post, angiti, dhaba, the village, etc etc.

M said...

I'm sure M will have a wonderful time this time eating non-veg to his hearts content :) My sister was going ga-ga over Barbeque Nation...dont know where it is...but there is always Google for that :)...Sahib Sindh Sultan in Forum Mall, Copper Chimney in Bangalore Central, Bombay Post on Airport Road, Angeethi on Museum Road, Samarkhand on Infantry Road are all great non-veggie joints! Ask him not to miss any of these :-)

Bikerdude said...

All the above excellent.

South Indian:

Grilled chicken & parotta in Empire

Kerala chicken curry in Koshys.

Coconut grove also serves awesome arrays of non veg mallu foods- all excellent.

Nandini/Bheemas for good old chicken 65, chepakoora and other gult delicacies.

For chettinad, try Annachi on 100ft rd indiranagar. Whoaaaa- what a!!

I love Lucy said...

Thank you all so very much!!!

I love Lucy said...

@Pri : Cool list,ya.

@abhipraya : M swears by that place!

@spunky monkey : aiyoo,nammavru solpa naan-veg like madodhu jaasthi,kanri. MTR yella nammanthourige bidi!

@sunshine : Wow!Thanks a bunch!!

@M : Mouth already watering while you wrote this huh!! ;-)

@BikerDude : Thumba thanks boss! Helthini yejmaandirge :-)