Friday, October 5, 2007


Sometimes people say the darnest things. I was chatting with this friend of mine on GTalk yesterday,lets call her SS. Now I do not know this girl all that well. We ran into each other at times when in grad school and we even took the same class this one term. And we occasionally chat. Thats about how acquainted we are.

The premise: I had written about the high school reunion of sorts that happened during the Labor Day weekend? Okay, so I was going over some pictures taken during that trip and came across this lovely snap which has all the four guys : Nik, Ash, G and of course M and I. Bhara and Priya are not in the picture though as they live in the other side of the hemisphere and not to mention,were sorely missed. But the point is that this is our gang, our group of buddies who have managed to remain so for over 15 years now. We used to hang out together all the time in school and even after. We laughed, we talked, we pulled each other’s legs, we ate, we drank, we fought, we talked some more…we hung out. And now that some of us are married, our respective spouses also get to be a part of the group and we have that much more fun together.

So yes, the picture. It has the 4 guys mentioned above and me in huddle with me standing in the center, flanked by two guys on either side and one of them is of course my husband! And Ms.SS sees the picture in my Orkut album and has this to say and I quote:

SS : woh jo snap hai na... usko dekhke mere ko draupadi yaad aayi!

Me: wah!kya dimaag chaltha hai tera!

SS: main kya karu re... ek ladki aur itne saare ladke use gher ke khade hain..

Me: tho?

SS: to kuch nai……jo mujhe strike hua maine bola..!

I cannot even begin to describe how I felt after reading her comment…this whole gamut of emotions ranging from shock to surprise to anger to amusement to resentment to disbelief to amazement to I-don’t-know-what.It is not like SS is some old fashioned Indian broad.She seemed to be quite nice as a person.She is intelligent.She is outgoing and friendly.She is young(just in case you thought age had something to do with her devious mind!)And whats more,she has several guy friends with whom she hung out all the time at school.She seemed to be quite alright until yesterday of course.So where was this coming from? Was it just a frivolous,off hand comment that she thought in her mind to be funny and worth a laugh or two? Or was it jealousy? Or was it spite? Or was it her narrow-mindedness speaking?

I just do not get it.

I was ticked off after reading some really idiotic comments by two anonymous clowns on Broom's blog.But this...what can possibly beat this??!!


M said...

by god...thats gross!

How does it occur to their minds and then tell it out to ??

And thats a lovely pic, my dear! Dont even count her remark!

Su said...

Maybe, she was kidding. Cos, in this day and age, I can't imagine anyone making such a comment seriously

just passing by said...

ignore ignore.
After almost 3 decades of existence on this planet, i've come to realise that most people are a waste of my time and attention cuz they are utterly stupid and exist on another plane. And this helps me deal with all stupid statements, comments etc. Like Scott Adams says, You're the center of your universe and everything else is just scenery.

Divya said...

Hehe, I am sure you are bugged but I found it funny :) especially if she was really serious about it. 'Strike Hua' indeed! Such comments should provide you with the 'laugh of the day'!

Nits said...

Eww how gross, even if she was kidding! Does she understand what she was really saying?

If what you're saying is true about her own association with several guy friends, it would be a case of insecurity and discomfort with self-image that pours out in weird ways.

That was a tough sentence to write.

I love Lucy said...

@m : Thanks for understanding!Can you imagine that sorta comment on that pic?

@Su : Exactly my point.In this day and age,who makes such crass comments especially if it is meant as a joke?

@jpb : Aaah so true.Ignore it is!

@Divya : I was confused actually.If that was a joke then how can her sense of humor be so warped?

@Nits : Exactly my sentiments!I am adding you to my blog roll BTW.

DotMom said...

ouch! best ignored...

the mad momma said...

wow.. i am guessing she was just plain ill mannered or had a silly sense of humour. sometimes ppl try and crack jokes that fall flat. to repeat what the others said - ignore!