Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guardian Angel

I am standing in queue at one my favorite restaurants to order lunch and I am playing a little game in my mind.Trying to guess which one of girls behind the counter will be taking my order.And I am hoping that its the one with the pierced lips because she knows me by sight(since I frequent that place so much) and she does a darn good job of waitressing.I am very anal about such things.I prefer my latte at Starbucks in a certain way and there is this cute guy who does makes it just the way I like it.Everyone else there messes up my order.Either there is too much foam or no foam at all when I specify light foam.The temperature is never right when I say I want it extra hot.And on days when I badly need my coffee to be done right,it usually is, thanks to cute guy.

This reminds of one of the most bizzare days of my life ever.A day when everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong but in the end it all worked out fine.

So it was exam time and I was in my final semester of engineering.I had this policy of not going to college any earlier than T-15 minutes mainly because I would invariably be asked to explain a hundred things to a hundred people in the process of which I would end up confusing myself thoroughly.And most importantly because I needed all the time I could get to cram.It was no different on this eventful day either.Except that the weather looked really dubious.My mom kept reminding me to leave earlier than usual but out of sheer habit,I left home at exactly T-25 as it took about 10 minutes by auto from my home to college.I just about turned around the corner of the street and it started to rain so heavily that my umbrella gave way and flew out of my hand.And within seconds I was completely wet.There were no autos in sight and I could not even see what was 5 meters ahead of me as visibility was so poor thanks to the rain.I walked a little ahead to next bus stop hoping that I would get an auto as it was the main road.But again no luck.It was now T-20.My mind was totally blank as I saw no way of getting to college on time for my exam.And just then I heard a loud honk.I look up to see a friend of mine who was a year junior to me.He was on his way home from college and he had decided to take this route as it was less crowded.I had never ever been so happy and relieved to see someone in my whole life!

So this friend of mine,lets call him Mac.Mac offered to drop me to college and I hopped on to his bike.By then the intensity of rain was so much that we could not see a damn thing.There was no way Mac could ride the bike for a good 5 miles with zero visibility.So he suggested that we go to his house which was close by and we could then take his dad's car.So we reached his house and he was kind enough to offer his sister's clothes as I was completely drenched.So I grabbed the first set of salwar kameez in sight and changed hurriedly while he removed the car out of the garage.Since there was no use of carrying my wet back pack,I just picked up my pen case and got into the car.We were half way there when the car suddenly stopped moving.It would not go forward or backwards.We then realized that the car was stuck in a pothole which we had not seen as the streets were flooded.It was T-0.I was hyper-ventilating.Then Mac being the brave guy that he was asked me to just get out of the car.It had stopped raining by then.So we got out of the car,locked it and left it right there.Bang in the middle of one of the busiest roads in Bangalore. Before we got stoned to death by the other motorists for blocking the road,we managed to find an auto and got into it.I was now a little calm and hopeful that I will somehow be able to write the exam.We were about a mile away from college when the auto went into this huge puddle of muddy water all of which landed right on me!I was wearing Mac's sister's dress which was light pink in color and my entire right side was covered with muck.I did not know whether to fret about my appearance or about her dress being ruined!

Finally we reach college at about T + 10 and when it was time to pay the auto guy,both of us realized that we didn't have our wallets with us.We had left it in our jeans pockets when we changed into dry clothes.I could just die right then!Mac asked me to just go ahead and find my exam hall and that he would take the auto back to his house and pay him there.I did as I was told because I was in no state whatsoever to think rationally.I went to the designated building to find that there were 16 rooms on that floor and I had no idea which room I was in.I just stood there in the middle of the corridor.Blank.Covered in muck.Luckily,one of my professors came out for a drink of water and spotted me.He instantly knew that something was wrong.He asked me wait right there while he figured out where I was seated.I stood there nodding my head and shivering. After a couple of minutes he came back and guided me to my room and seat.He got me a cup of water and asked me take a couple of minutes before I started writing.I drank the water just to realize that I was feeling a little damp elsewhere.Nature decided to play truant and I had just gotten my period.Of all things!

I did manage to write the exam and get a decent score.Mac paid the auto guy at this place and then managed to extricate the car from the pothole with the help of the auto driver.And the car was intact, thank god.I got the dress dry cleaned twice before I returned it to his sister.To date every time I think about that one fateful day,I cannot help but wonder what would have happened if Mac hadn't passed by.Mac, I don't think I have thanked you enough for all that you did.You were my guardian angel.


Abhipraya said...

WOW that is some story! I have some very crazy stories myself but this beats them all. Nice to have such guardian angels in our lives though :)

just passing by said...

Wow. That is some exam you wrote! If i were in your place, I would have probably hyper-ventilated so much that I wouldn't even manage to pick up the pen, forget about writing.
And btw, pierced lips? Ouch. That hurts.

Anonymous said...

wow!! we love Mac too...!!

I love Lucy said...

@abhipraya : That was one of the craziest days of my life!And I cannot thank Mac enough for bailing me out :)

@gutterspace : Yeah I know!I was completely zoned out...went through the motions so mechanically.Luckily for me I managed to clear that darn exam!
Oh this girl is super sexy...Nepali girl with piercings everywhere.But she is very sweet and speaks with such a thick Nepali accent that most of the time I don't follow a word she says!

@Childwoman : :) Nice guy he was!Hope your trip to Shirdi went off well.

Anonymous said...

oh boy! that is SOME incident! the last thing that happened was the worst I can say !

...and Mac was the star of the day :)

Pri said...

wow. that was intense.

so did mac ever write his exam?

i always tried to get to college 30 minutes before the exam started because 1. i'd always hear from at least five different sources secret information about that one elaborate diagram or annoying theorem that was definitely going to appear in the exam and by process of elimination [meaning ignoring all the ones they has just told me] i would figure out what i really needed to go over last minute.

and 2. it gave me time to discuss alternative career opportunities with some of my friends. worst case scenarios. a plan b or c if you like.

i miss college.

La vida Loca said...

oh boy!!! that was crazy s**t.

Silvara said...

what a day!!!

and thank god for Mac. :D

I love Lucy said...

@sns : He sure was!

@Pri : Mac was my junior by one year so they had their exams in the mornings while we had ours in the afternoons.
I used to hate those discussions just minutes before the exam.Seemed like certain folks were just out there to get me by confusing me no end!
I miss college too.

@loca : I swear!!Where have you been, isssay?Long time,no hear!

@silvara : It was almost comical by the end of it all!And yeah,thank god for Mac! :)

Dusty Fog said...

every now and then we find incidents/people like these that renew faith in human kind....: )

Bikerdude said...

Yabba! What a story! Though, I'm sure under extrenal stress like this, you must have smashed the exam cos you didn't have time to worry about it! Wonder what your mom had to say about it when you showed up home after the exam though :)

I love Lucy said...

@BD : My mom aa,full susth aagbitidru shtory kelbittu.And then in typical mother-in-brahmin-household style,she asked,
"Exam chennag madadhyene hogli?Above 80 aadru barbodhaa?"

Bikerdude said...

Ajji, yenu ond varshak ond blogaa?