Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

We have been following the Texas primaries and caucus closely and for once,I am really enjoying it.Maybe it is because this time around I understand to an extent, whats going on and whats being discussed.Enough to stand my own (for a while atleast) in an elections-oriented discussion.It is amusing to see the two Democratic candidates go at each other like there is no tomorrow.By the time the Democrats are done deciding who they are going to field,both Senators Obama and Clinton would have lost steam.Presumably Senator McCain is having the last laugh.But what a speaker that man Obama is!Inspirational does not begin to describe it.Fun it is.


Things at work are looking up.Some new work just came in and we had the kick-off meeting yesterday.Of course,it didn't help much that our manager spent half his time talking about naming conventions which is like coding 101.I so need to read What Color is my Parachute. Thanks for the suggestion, bird's eye view.


We watched Jackie Brown a couple of days ago.Loved it.We also watched Mithya, another gem of a movie and Rajat Kapoor's directorial debut.Loved it as well.Especially this scene that has Neha Dhupia and Daisy Irani rambling away in Punjabi.Apparently Neha Dhupia can act!


JustFemme,an online magazine, is organizing a women's film festival in Bangalore.The festival features five short films,chronicling women's lives in contemporary India.For more details about the films,visit or contact Just Femme at 9741437431.This month's issue features an article written by your's truly as well!


Spring seems so far away.But I couldn't wait any longer so I went ahead and pampered myself with a really cute and springy floral black and white dress.Now the question is how long before I can actually wear it.


I never knew blogging could be so much fun.I do not write as much as I should but it has been a nice experience thus far.I got to know so many intelligent and fun and super-cool people most of whom are of the female persuasion.This is a first for me because I have always had more male friends.I am loving it and I am really really glad that I got to know you all.You all are wonderful and its been a blast interacting with all of you.Cheers!

Edited to add : Rohit rightly pointed out that Mithya is not Rajat Kapoor's directorial debut.I stand corrected.Thanks Rohit!


just passing by said...

mwah. Nice randomness, and btw, i love reading your blog as much as you like writing in it:)

Gauri said...

Oh Yes - I've been saying the same thing all along too - both Obama and Clinton are going to lose steam and they are going to hand it to the Republicans on a platter.

La vida Loca said...

march 21st is the official start of spring. so not very far.

Anonymous said...

That's the thing abt blogging no? You feel u've connected to all those people....and to think u haven;t even met!!!!!

I love Lucy said...

@jpb : Right back at ya! :-)

@gauri : Exactly!So many debates and what not.I guess they are running out of material too.In the last debate, Clinton was complaining bitterly that she is always asked the question first!

@la vida loca : Can't wait!!To wear the dress I mean :-D

@Chandni : My sentiments exactly! All this while I was cribbing that I need more friends when all I had to do was start a blog!I love you guys!

Renovatio said...

I was reading some ridiculous article about the websites of Hillary and Obama being like Windows and Mac. Some people have wayyyyy too much time on their hands.

rOhit said...

Just to add, "Mithya" isn't Rajat Kapoor's directorial debut. He has made loads of 'em before too.

"Mixed Doubles" and "Raghu Romeo" (National Award Winner) being few of the famous ones. :)

Nice Blog btw!

I love Lucy said...

@Reno : Look whos back!! :-) Missed you sweets!

@Rohit : are absolutely right!!How could I forget Bheja Fry?!!I stand corrected.
And thanks for stopping by :)

rOhit said...

Well, just to add again. Even "Bheja Fry" isn't directed by Rajat Kapoor. You can refer to for his details.:P
"Bheja Fry" is by a new guy called Sagar Bellary.

I'm sorry! Being a major movie buff, can't resist myself to clear it out. :P