Thursday, December 8, 2011


Blogger informs me that this would be post #100. Wow. It only took me close to four long years to get here!

I owe my blog big time. When I decided to start blogging, it was just as an experiment. A platform to write. At that point, I had never imagined that I would gain such a wonderful virtual family and some of them would eventually go on to become real life buddies. Or that it  would bring some real life buddies of mine even closer since we were now privy to each other's ruminations and fears and opinions that we wouldn't otherwise share.

I have been out of circulation in the blog world for a long time now. I kept disappearing for long periods of time. And yet, I continued to receive emails from folks I met through my blog, inquiring about my mother or just saying hello for which I am truly grateful and touched.

A big thank you to all you wonderful folks for being there and not giving up on me. I hope to write more often from now on and it would be great to re-connect virtually all over again.

Do stop by and say hello, won't you?


Dee said...

Hello you :)

chandni said...

heylo :)

Comfy said...


I love Lucy said...

Dee , Chandni and Comfy : Hello there, lovely ladies :)