Friday, September 28, 2007


Well,all your comments on the previous post have been so sweet that I decided to convert the our song thingy into a tag! No no,no groaning please.Trust me when I say that this will be lots of fun!!

And why am I so sure?See M and I have gone out to lunch several times,we have held hands and hugged and kissed and cuddled countless times and we have also listened to our song just as many times as well.And yet, yesterday afternoon was very special!I cannot explain why but both of us had that really warm,fuzzy feeling all day long.But we just did!So the bottom-line is that sometimes the oddest of things can make the day special for you and your partner.It could even be the memory of a pleasant moment shared between the two of you.

So my lovelies,here goes the tag:

1]If you and your partner have your song,then mention the song and how/why it became your special song.

2]In case you don't have one,then think of a song that you feel best suits you and your partner and mention why you think so.

3]If its too much effort to come up with a song,then just mention one of the special moments that you shared with your partner.

I know that some of you out there are going through a very rough phase as far as your relationships are concerned.This tag may not be that exciting to you guys.But I am sure it will remind of you some of the best times that you have had and how your relationship was very special. For some reason,it was not meant to be as these dastardly things happen sometimes.Whatever you had/have,you can cherish.

So go ahead and have a blast and let me know the tune that your heart sings and why!

I tag everyone that reads my blog and everyone whose blog I read:

Divya, Madhu, Shruthi, Mri, Renovatio, just passing by, Su, Pri, Chandni, childwoman, Broom, Iz, PlanetHalder, The Mad Momma, Bikerdude.............

................and anyone else who is interested in taking it up :)


Broom said...

Will do!

childwoman said...

Will do, with my courage and armed with my best smiles..!!

Renovatio said...

I will, soon. After one of these guys does it so I can steal the format. Bwaaahahahhaha

I love Lucy said...

Broom : Yay!

childwoman : Thats so sweet and brave of you :)

Reno : But you will have so many songs to choose from all those will you pick one,love?

Pri said...

when we were sixteen my "partner" and i decided 'you are my chicken fry' was the coolest song in the universe and so we decided to make it our song. i have fond memories of the two of us at kfc where we'd eat lotsa chicken and i would letch at Michael the hot waiter and my "partner" would pretend to barf. sometimes we'd stuff tissue inside the ketchup bottles and wait for people to use them. fun times. awww and now im all nostalgic about michael. i must blog about him.

chandni said...

this proves that it was really special! Because when when is happy, one wants to spread the cheer :D

cute idea

Shruthi said...

Hmmm. lovely... will do... I think :)

I love Lucy said...

@Pri : "You are my chicken fry" ??!!!
Cheesy cheesy!

@Chandni : Glad you think so :) Waiting to hear all about the Boy and your special song!

@Shruthi : Why think?Just do :)

just passing by said...

did it!!

the mad momma said...

will do. what fun!

Nits said...

Ooh, love Iris, althought not our song...great choice!