Friday, January 25, 2008


I got this envelope by courier from my parents the other day.They were sending me this little card that I was supposed to sign and send back to them.So this little card was in a white envelope which was inside another fancy "gift" envelope which was inside another brown envelope and this was inside the huge envelope that was finally sent out.All 4 envelopes had my full name and address and phone number on them.Vintage dad!

I usually give them a hard time about their little quirks but guess what.Without my knowledge I seem to have imbibed some of these quirks.Something that I swore would never happen to me! Like putting away the washed dishes for example.My mom would insist that each dish go back to its designated place and she would go ballistic if she found a mismatched dish vis-a-vis its designation on the shelf.I used to find it so amusing back then.But now,I totally understand where she was coming from for I react in the exact same manner when M does the dishes and puts them away at will.

Earlier I used to obsess about everything under the sun.The house needed to be spic and span.The kitchen counter needed to be sparkling clean.The vegetables had to be cut in a particular manner.Yada yada yada.And this prompted a much exasperated M to comment that I am so much like my mother!That did it I guess.And the fact that I was just driving M up the wall which in turn was driving him away from doing all the stuff that he used to around the house.I realized before it was too late that I'd much rather have M do all that he did around the house in his own fricking way rather than have to do all that by myself in my quirky way.This way I get all the free time I need to watch cricket and hindi movies and chat for hours on end with mom on GTalk....and blog!


Silvara said...

heheh well for me it's the other way around - Evs is the quirky one while I do it any old gets to be interesting :P

La vida Loca said...

My case is the opposite :)

Anonymous said...

I second Silvara.....The Boy is quirky, I am more random and put stuff away anywhere that catches my fancy at that moment!

M said...

same pinch :-)))

I need it organised while G doesnt care one bit !!! uff !!

I love Lucy said...

@Silvara & @Loca & @Chandni : Wow!This is interesting!Very rarely do I come across cases where the man is the quirky one!

@M : Atta girl!Join the club.I was beginning to feel kinda left out!