Friday, February 1, 2008

I am the best

I have always thrived in a competitive atmosphere.In school our famous gang of 6 comprised of the top 6 in class.The first 6 spots in everything ranging from academics to debates to essay writing to poetry recitation , was shared between the 6 of us.Coming to think of it now,I am a little surprised as to how we maintained such a healthy and close bond while never letting go of the competitive streak in us.To the extent that when we all met up recently,the conversation veered inevitably towards school days and competitions and all of us claimed vehemently that we stood first in something or the other and also claimed that we had the certificates to prove so!

It was no different in college either.Maddy and Bhava were and are my closest friends and we were all equally good vis-a-vis academics and the whole nine yards.Yet I do not recall a single instance when the competitive streak got the better of us or got in the way of our friendship.Well ok,there was this one teeny weeny instance with Maddy(Maddy,remember? :-) ) but nothing a good talk wouldn't sort out.

But it was like being competitive assumed a whole new meaning at my work place.The competition was very fierce and cut-throat to the extent that it turned ugly most of the times.I used to have huge arguments with the guys on my team about the project and most of the times I found myself just giving up half way through as I just could not get used to their aggression or their rough language.This became their mantra against me as it worked every single time.Be rude and talk nasty and she will automatically step back.Over time,my hyde thickened to an extent but nasty talk coupled with foul language continues to be my Achilles heel to this day.

Edited to add: The workplace I am referring to is my first workplace back in Bangalore and not my current one.


La vida Loca said...

sounds like the guys on ur team are mcps... hey don't let them get to u....brush up ur f, c, d, b, a words..

M said...

I agrees ya! Work place dealings need a different language & attitude altogether !! Its a totally different WAR if you ask me ! Sigh...for me, its been there done that...and good to be away from it for sometime now :-))

Anonymous said...

I am glad you gave it back...its this whole thing about "intimidating" women in to backing down!

I for one, have a big problem in giving it back, and have suffered enough to know that its very very harmful to stay quiet and let some idiots get their way!

More power to us :)

Silvara said...

Never had to deal with that amount of aggression - I give it back when necessary but it's more due to an adrenaline rush or a panic attack and then I'm left feeling kinda naughty :P

I've always had a undercurrent of competition between my friends - friendly as such but it still feels good to whoop their asses :P

Madhu said...

Oh yes! I remember those days and all it brings to me now is a big laugh. We have come a long way since then havent we?

La vida Loca said...

where it it u?

M said...

where you gurl? no news....btw, have tagged you :-) see my space:)