Friday, February 29, 2008

Moving along...

So after the much needed ranting,I am going to move on.Thanks much, you guys, for your comments and suggestions and for stopping by.You know the truth is that I have nothing against my profession.It is just my current job that sucks big time.But yeah I have been contemplating a change for a while now and it is time that I did something about it.

Su is finally back from hibernation and she tagged me with this really fun meme.I first saw it on Once Again's blog and loved it right there!

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now (don't list names):

1. I wish we could be good friends.I like you for many reasons but then you just go ahead and spoil everything with your bizzare behavior.It is almost like as if you have MPD.
2. I know all about your schemes.I try hard to forget that incident but it is just not possible.You pretend to be someone else all the time.Why?
3. You need to get a life.Not everything is about you.
4. Screw you.I quit.
5. We will do so when we are good and ready.
6. You have changed beyond recognition.I miss the old you.
7. I am so sorry I couldn't make it to your wedding.I know you needed me on that day but I let you down.I am sorry.
8. You need to stop competing with me.We are not the same person.I don't judge you for the choices you have made so you need to stop being a bitch at times.
9. You have led privileged lives so good for you.But that doesn't give you the right to be so sarcastic and downright annoying.
10. I wish you were born as my sister.We would have fought like crazy but then we would have been the best sisters ever.

Nine Things About Yourself:

1. I need to connect with people in a certain way to be able to feel comfortable with them.And the ones I do connect with,I value their association for life.But I can strike a conversation with just about anybody.
2. I am pretty good at a whole lot of things but I am not an expert at anything.I can pick up something new at lightning speed.
3. I lose interest very easily.
4. I am very stubborn.
5. I will do something only if I feel upto it.It is very hard to force me to do something that I don't quite believe in or care for.
6. I love to shop; be it clothes or shoes and accessories or books or something for our home.
7. I used to be very frank and voice my opinions without mincing words.And that landed me in a lot trouble.So I managed to change and become the complete opposite.Now I either say what I feel or I just don't say anything at all.
8. I love to dress up and look good.I love going out.I love attending functions and parties.I like it when the house is full of people.I like good conversation and banter.
9. I have trouble at the very beginning of anything; be it a task at work or a conversation or a relationship.

Eight Ways To Win Your Heart:

1. Humor.Good humor.Make me laugh.
2. Intelligence
3. Be sensitive without being a sissy.
4. Be honest.Don't pretend.Give it to me straight.
5. If you make promises,then keep them.
6. Be attentive.Pamper me.Worship me.
7. Be there for me through good and bad.
Don't be manipulative.I hate mind games.

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot:

1. How much did we spend vs save this week?
2. Thank you god for making my mom all better.Why her though?But I am glad she is ok.
3. We have such weird relatives.
4. Will I ever get to where I want professionally?
5. Will I ever stop getting pimples?
6. I wish I had more close,really good friends.
7. What if...?

Six Things You Wish You Never Did:

1. Losing my temper with my mom when she was unwell.
2. Letting the politics at work get to me.
3. Trying to be someone else albeit reluctantly with some people to impress them.It just came back to bite me in the ass.
4. Missing one of my closest friend's wedding.
5. Letting people and their attitude get to me.
6. Not being independent enough when I was single.

Five Turn-Off's:

1. Body odor
2. Boorishness and rudeness and arrogance
3. Foul language and cussing for no reason.
4. Unkempt hair and nails.
5. Bad manners and dishonesty

Four Turn-On's

1. Intelligence
2. Great sense of humor
3. Cleanliness; you know like washed hair,clipped nails,good looks,great body and smells divine
4. Mystery

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1. Travel,travel,travel
2. Have the flattest abs ever.
3. Master and become perfect in atleast 2 of the things that I am good at.

Two Smileys that Describe You

1. :-)
2. :-(

One Confession

I judge people.

And now I tag : Dot mom, bird's eye view, shruti, Madhu, Silvara and Pri


M said...

aww...that was a good one :)

DotMom said...

What an awsome tag. And you have done it so well. It was nice knowing all these things about you. Now I have a lot of thinking to do :)

La vida Loca said...

**But I can strike a conversation with just about anybody.
Thats a relief! lol

Silvara said...

hehhe will do the tag but i tagged u in return muahahahah :P

Shruthi said...

that's an interesting tag. will definitely do it. in my own time, of course :)

btw, your responses are really good.

work in progress said...

hi, new around here but enjoyed your responses. The work thingie will surely work out.And, good to hear that your mother is doing well now.

I love Lucy said...

[m] : thanks!

[dotmom] : Isn't it!For once,I was really eager to do a tag!And it was a lot of fun doing it too.Just that it takes quite a lo of time :)

[la vida loca] : Not to worry, babes.I am sure you and I will have a lot to talk about!

[silvara] : Hrrrumph.Ok ok will do your tag too.I can't wait to read your responses though :)

[shruthi] : thanks!it sure is interesting!and it was fun doing it too.But like i said earlier it is time consuming so do it at your own pace!

[work in progree] : Thanks for stopping by!And thanks much for your kind words :)

Anonymous said...

good stuff!!!

have been postponing doing this even when I got so enthu abt it at Once Again's....will take it up now!

And reading through ur list...there's so much similar!