Thursday, May 29, 2008

Of this and that..

I hate days like today when I do not have much to do at work.I got a latte from Starbucks, checked my email and did a blog roll round-up all of which took less than an hour.I now sit at my desk in front my computer, fighting the strongest urge to go back home and plop myself in front of the TV and watch three of my most favorite shows on TV : Project Runaway , Top Chef and So You Think You Can Dance.Lord,I am so addicted to these shows!I can watch reruns after reruns without the slightest hint of boredom,a privilege that was reserved solely for M*A*S*H until now.Blame on it on the Direct TV recorder.

One thing that gets my goat is how the fact that three out of four of the final contestants on Top Chef are women, has created such a huge controversy.In the previous seasons,the male chefs have always dominated the competition although there has been one female finalist in all seasons.Scores of people from all over the country have been leaving comments on the official Top Chef blogs as to how the TV channel,by design,chose to have more women contestants in the last stage of show.I think this is utterly ridiculous.So if the women are outnumbered it is considered natural but if the men are outnumbered, it is considered improbable and an outcome of rigging?The fact of the matter is that these women are outstanding chefs and two out of three of them are clear winners by any standards.Such baseless insinuations are doing nothing but undermining their talent and capacity as a potential Top Chef.

My day started off with some bad news at the doctor's office.Apparently,they have discovered another bulge and this time it is my cervix.That explains the dastardly pain in my neck and shoulders.Like I did not have enough pain already what with bulges in two discs of my lower back.This saga of pain and discomfort has been going on for almost 1.5 years now with no relief in sight.I have tried everything that I possibly could but my situation remains unchanged.I must be doing something weird to cause so many bulges in my spine but I have no idea what and neither does my orthopedic surgeon.According to him, for now, the only thing close to a solution seems to be lot of physical therapy and strong anti-inflammatory medication.Lets see how that works out.

Oh and we went to Russell Peter's show at the Improv.This guy is good!In fact the whole show was very good as the guys who opened for him were really funny too.One of the them was Paul Verghese, whose act I had witnessed not too long ago and I wasn't impressed at all as he was overly abrasive and obnoxious that day.See the USP of these guys is to poke fun at all the different ethnic groups in this country.They capitalize on the misconceptions that Americans have about people belonging to different ethnicities and come up with hilarious material.And both these guys are of Indian origin so most of their jokes are about what it is like to be a desi.Sometimes they tend to go over the top but on this particular day,both guys were at their humorous best!Well Paul more than Russell.I guess Russell lost steam midway as Paul and the other Filipino comic,Edwin something, had done a superb job earlier and their material was very similar to what Russell normally does in his shows.This guy,Russell Peters is so popular that his shows were sold out even without any publicity or advertising whatsoever.And the tickets were fricking expensive at $45 a pop.Good fun it was!


Altoid said...

I went to Russell Peters' show some years ago and I had been following his standup act videos for some years till then- over the years I agree- he's definitely lost steam, some of his jokes are stale, some are just not as "rofl" worthy, some just fall apart.

I was following Top Chef, havent in a few weeks now :)


La vida Loca said...

what it is..neck bulge? :(
Take care maadu

Orchid said...

hmmm....t.v's off my mind for now..but yes it can be addictive!
take care..sorry abt ur pain!
hey a few of my friends were at the russell peters show too..i know him only via u tube though :)

Anonymous said...

Another bulge ?? :(:(:( oh god...pls take good care and I hope the therapy works well on you, dear..

..and Russell Peters is awesome! I watched him once on the net and was died laughing. Though some things are over the hedge, its hilarious without a doubt. Glad you had a great time laughing :)

I was hooked to Dancing with the Stars till now and its So you think you can Dance now :-)) yay !!!

Sraikh said...

"Somebody going to get hurt" was one of his famous lines.

I know him through him who found him through youtube. Sorry about your pain. What about seeing a chiropractor?

I love Lucy said...

@altoid: His earlier acts were really good.The Russell we witnessed last week was a shadow of his old self.And it did not help that we had to shell out 90 bucks for that!
This season of Top Chef has been really cool in the sense that there have been no surprises.The top 3 out of 4 chefs deserve to be there.
Thanks for stopping by :)

@loca : I have no idea what I doing wrong!Hopefully the PT will work and the pain will reduce.
Thanks :)

@Orchid : Thanks!
The show was good but paled in comparison to his earlier acts.
We are so meeting up once you get back from Blore!!

@SnS : Thanks!
Well,these stand-up comedians are edgy when it comes to their brand of humor but most of them keep it well within limits.
Oh you MUST watch SYTYCD.It is simply superb!

@Sraikh : Thanks.
I did go to a chiro for a few weeks.AS luck would have it, he screwed up real bad.In fact my neck and shoulder problems started ever since.I only had back pain until I went to him!

La vida Loca said...

u took out new post?
I see it on reader and not on the blog.
my heart goes out for your mom.

work in progress said...

woh kya bolte hain - ''nekee aur poochh poochh.''
intelligence, good looks, financially sound, fun and all 1001 niceties combined, would work just about fine;)

Sraikh said...

I know him through him who found him through youtube. Sorry about your pain. What about seeing a chiropractor?

I just re-read my last line. WTF am I writing? I meant to write know him(Rusell) through my dh who found him(Rusell) on youtube. I blame my jet lag or maybe the wine I didnt even have LOL

Anonymous said...

I went to a Russell Peters' show too and I found the Vietnamese guy who does the opening better that Russell Peters!

I spotted Paul Verghese on "Last comic standing". He was pretty OK there...don't know if he made it through.

Imp's Mom said...

i love top chef too :)

thnks for visiting! send you an email soon about ur back..

Anonymous said...

i love Top Chef!

Anonymous said...

yeah,,he is great..did he do the favorite one, 'oye russsel, somebody gonna get hurt real bad'!! LOL

And take care of that back, dear. Try yoga, it totally helps to strengthen the back.