Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pain pain go away...

And my back woes continue.

It all started early last year when we shifted houses twice in very quick succession.The first time around M and I misjudged the amount of work that needed to be done in terms of packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking and ended up doing everything by ourselves.This took its toll on my back and I was in pretty bad shape.Unfortunately,we did not quite like the new place and decided to move almost immediately.But this time around,we did not have packing to do as most of our stuff was still in the respective boxes and we hired movers.But the damage had been done.I could not stand for too long nor could I walk for too long.The pain was its worst during early mornings when I could no longer sleep and would have to sit up and walk around just to alleviate the soreness and agony.

I went to our family physician who went through the usual routine of OTC pain medication followed by a round of steroids.Nothing worked.He then did an MRI and found no issues.So he recommended physical therapy.There was no improvement in my condition.So I went to an orthopedic surgeon.He put me through the same rigmarole only this time he found two bulges in my discs in the lower back.But the treatment did not change my condition in any way.Finally I went to another highly recommended orthopedic surgeon who of course came to the very same conclusion as the previous guy.But this guy went one step further and asked me get steroid faucet joint injections.So 8 injections were administered,4 on either side of my spine.This was supposed to negate the pain during which time I was asked to do physical therapy in order to strengthen my back.Turns out that this was completely useless as it did absolutely nothing for me.

So I started physical therapy and the first session went off well and the lady did a very detailed and accurate assessment of my condition.When I was about to leave,she told me very hesitantly that she was on vacation from he next day and so my next session would be with a different therapist.I was so mad.I mean is she knew she was going to be away why on earth did she have to do my assessment in the first place?Anyways,the nest session was with this therapist Chris who totally sucked.She is the kind that wants to talk all the time,not only to you but to all the other patients.She constantly interfered in the treatment of the other patients while she neglected her own.And when it came to my treatment,she somehow never knew what to do.She had to consult the other therapists for directions all the time.I finally got fed up and asked for a change of therapist.I was then assigned to the director of that facility,a young guy called CJ.I soon discovered that while CJ is good technically,he has about 6 patients at any given time slot.He has no time to even listen to what I have to say about my condition.But since he is the director after all,who am I to second guess his work and so I kept at it.

Its been almost 3 sessions and we have done the same 3 exercises and the worst part is that none of them are stretching exercises which are so essential for any back strengthening routine.I try to give him specific details about my problem but the guy refuses to listen.I just don't know what to do.These sessions don't come cheap and my back continues to agonize me.I know for a fact that I am not getting anything out of the physical therapy but I don't know how to make that guy listen to me.Everytime I try to pin him down he gets away with some mumbo jumbo for which I have no answer.I feel I should just quit and do the exercises on my own since I know most of them and have done them before at the earlier physical therapy center.But running away from the problem without facing it head-on also seems cowardly.

I wish I knew how to deal with that guy and get my point of view heard.



La vida Loca said...

aiiyyyooooo thats bad..leave him immediately..a therapist who has no time for his patients is a jhakassssss fellow

Mama - Mia said...

ouch!! :(

even i am not good at confrontations!! and for all you know the stress of it would ne hurting your back more! and whats the point of wasting time and hard earned money and most importantly not even gain your health back with idiots like him!

back aches are such a pain! :( M is traveling and i miss him doing a small accupressure thingie everyday to least reduce the strain! ofcos what i need is exercise, what i lack is the will! sigh!



DotThoughts said...

oh boy... how about consulting an ortho in India? what seems to be the cause of so much back pain. Try yoga.. it strengthened my back and eat a protein rich diet. it alays helps to erstore muscles.

Imp's Mom said...

did you send him an email?

I love Lucy said...

@Loca : i guess so :(

@abha : you have back issues too?must be nice to have M be able to do the acupressure.does it help?
i do exercises whenever i can but apparently it is not enough.i have to be more regular.

@Dottie : I am planning on see one when I visit Blore this winter.I don't know why it is getting progressively worse.My husband insists that I drink the protein shake that he drinks after his workout.I should start.

@Imp's mom : :)I have composed the email but since I wanted to include details of my MRI and x-rays,I will be be able to send it only during the weekend.I have to look for them.
Thanks so much for everything:)

La vida Loca said...

dot thoughts is right!
yoga/pilates are great options....they mean to stenghten back and abs.
take care babes

Anonymous said...

I feel your in back pain too, mostly because of the way I sit at work.

Have you tried alternate options like acupressure? They say it relieves the tension in the affected areas...

Anonymous said...

oh dear...I think I also want to agree with dotthoughts. Although I have not tried pilates/yoga myself, I have heard some people tell me that they've found relief in it. I used to do some simple yoga aasanas at home for my simple backache and sleeping o the floor helped me quite a bit. Of course, yours needs some professional help too. Please do something about it...and very soon too. Hope you feel better soon, dearie.