Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jab we met

This past weekend has been one of the best ever,a weekend that I will remember for a long long time to come for various reasons.

It was my best friend Maddy's 30th birthday on Monday and her husband B,and a couple of her colleagues planned on throwing her a surprise party on Saturday.B being the sweet guy that he is, decided that the festivities would be incomplete without me(thats what I chose to believe anyway!) and convinced me to fly over to Virginia.All I had to do was to say yes.The sweet man even took care of my flight reservations leaving me with nothing to do except making sure that I would not blabber everything to Maddy during one of our daily conversations.

The party itself was a major hit and she was really surprised by all of it as her friends had done an excellent job of decorating the place and making all the required arrangements whilst B managed to pry her away from the home scene on the pretext of shopping.But the best part for me would have to be the moment she laid eyes on me when she let out this loud blood curling scream,dropped all the shopping bags on the floor and ran into my arms and we hugged each other tight, screaming all the while with excitement!My trip was made worth my while by that one moment.And of course when I met her wonderful little angel of a daughter.She is such an adorable little sweetheart who makes my heart melt into a puddle everytime calls me "Dhodamma" (Aunty or Mausi in Kannada).This little darling is the closest I will ever get to a niece so this bonding with her meant a lot to me.

And the icing on the cake was of course when I met our very own DotThoughts. She and I met at this mall near Maddy's place before I went to the party and I had a really nice time with her.The time we spent was short but nonetheless I am so glad I got to see Dottie.She is just as warm and wonderful as her blog is,very bubbly and animated and lot of fun to talk to.She looks so much younger than she actually is!She was kind enough to offer to drop me to Maddy's place which was a good 10 miles in the opposite direction as her house was.Oh and she also introduced me to the Bratz Doll, a hideous concept for a doll which I still cannot get over.

It was one helluva memorable weekend...

Edited to add : This has nothing to do with the past weekend but it does fall in line with title of the post and it had slipped my mind to write about it though I meant to.So I met another fellow blogger last year and this is none other than Ms.La Vida Loca.
It was winter and the weather that day was treacherous with snow storms and heavy rains.And our Ms.Loca managed to brave the rough weather and drive all by herself in a new city which was very impressive.We met for lunch and spent a good 3 hours chatting and it was so much fun getting to know her and her quirky side.When she mentioned that she was planning to spend the night on the couch at her husband's friends' apartment,I just had to invite her home and ask her to spend the night at our place.We have been in regular touch since then and its been really nice knowing this quirky girl with a really quirky sense of humor.


DotThoughts said...

Glad you liked Apna virginia, maybe move ere now :) And I am mailing you that check for $50 as promised to write nice things about me :)
(people, she would take no less, trust me)

and it was awesome meeting you. Even though brief..hopefully next time we can do lunch. You turned out to be exactly as I had imagined.. some one I would have spent my vela college days hanging around with.. even now, only vela days are scare. do make a trip soon. and btw I dreamt abt texas last night :)

La vida Loca said...

Sounds like one hell of a time!
How come you dont say nice things about me? :P

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That sounds like a real great time you had!!! Phullll maja!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a load of fun!

Mama - Mia said...

awesome!! :) so much packed into a day!!

i can imagine the hug actually!! i recently met an internet pal first time at her wedding! and the moment she saw me, she screamed AAbbhhhaa so loudly (very unlike shy brides are expected to be!;) and gave s tight hug!!

in your case toh it was best friend!! :) indeed a blessing!!

and met a fellow bloggie too!! even betta!! :)



DewdropDream said...

Why is it that am the only one not lucky enough to meet a fellow blogger??!! *pout* Please someone come to London and meet me toooo!!

I love Lucy said...

@Dottie : Where is that check??!!

@Loca : You never say anything, nice or otherwise, about me either!Why ya?

@SnS : Oh it was fantastic!!How have you been?Long time no see..

@Clueless : It so was!!

@Abha : My friend's little daughter got so terribly frightened on seeing her mommy go berserk with this other strange lady that she started crying loudly!IT took atleast 15 minutes to comfort her and convince her that her mommy was ok!!

@Dewdrop : Do you live close to the airport?Since most of us desis stop at London en route India ,you could meet up with the junta at the airport?
Henge namm idea??!!

La vida Loca said...

awwww aren't you so sweet.
Almost made me cry :)
Heyy I gave u Tag gift and all..forgot off-a?

I was wondering if u'd say "is there anything nice to say about u?"

DewdropDream said...

Super idea ree! No I don't live close to the airport but I'd come to the airport and see you people if that's what it took :D So yeah, let me know neksht time :D

Ahhh... neevu blogrolled aagidiri :D

I love Lucy said...

@Loca : LOL!And that too!

@Dewdrops : Oh thumba thanks kanri!!
Next time I am in your ooru or your ooru's airport,I shall meet you.

DewdropDream said...

Update maadi pliss!

iz said...

Nice best friend's husband! Mine always seem to marry shietzers who insist that I make them coffee and drive them around. Grrrr!

iz said...

Nice best friend's husband! Mine always seem to marry shietzers who insist that I make them coffee and drive them around. Grrrr!