Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Colorado was not our first choice of holiday destination for the long weekend.Seattle was.It was the $550 airfare per person to Seattle that changed our course and am I thrilled or what!After being accustomed to flat,dull,brown land everywhere and then to see lovely snow-capped mountains amidst so much greenery was such a treat.We hiked in the mountains at an altitude of 10,000 feet which was an adventure in itself for me as I could barely breathe and walk 10 steps at a stretch at that altitude.The drive up the Rockies was beautiful,the drive back wasn't all the great for me since the motion sickness and altitude sickness got to me and we had to make frequent stops in order for me to retch my guts out.We also took the cog rail upto to Pikes Peak which is at an altitude of a whopping 17,000 ft.It was so damn cold up there that I had to jog around in circles just to stay warm.But what an amazing view of the valley from up there!One has to see it to believe it.And it started to snow just as we were about to leave which made for a beautiful and romantic sight.

How can any trip be complete without a round of shopping?Oh yes,shop we did in this amazing outlet mall in Denver where for the first time in my life,I found something nice in every damn store that we walked into!But the highlight of the whole trip has to be the white water rafting.It was fantastic!!Given the fact that both the husband and I can't swim and I was quite scared for my life especially after listening to that safety lecture by our trip leader and that we got sit right upfront and steer the raft with our paddles,we did a really good job.The water level was almost twice as normal and the rapids were really difficult to paddle through.But thats what made the whole experience so much more interesting and fun and also the fact that we had a really cool and capable guide.We shared the raft with this other couple and their kids aged 10,6 and 4.They made for excellent company and the kids were really cool to hang out with.And of course,I looked really hot in that wet suit.Well, so said the husband anyway.

Our final pit stop was at Erie where we met up with another very close and heavily pregnant friend of mine.All of us then drove to downtown Boulder and took a nice long walk on Pearl St which was really cool.We had dinner at this awesome Mediterranean restaurant simply called Med and the food was so good.We of course, had a heavily pregnant woman at our table who was ravenously hungry so that resulted in a huge quantity being brought to our table.But once we started digging in,no one was complaining and my pregnant friend had the last laugh.

I leave you with this.


La vida Loca said...

all cool! denver is really a v pretty place

Anonymous said...

WOW!! you guys sure seem to have had a lota fun!! white water rafting wud've been totally cool, isnt it? :)
hey, put up some pics na :)

and oh, you do look hot in a wet suit babe ;)

Anonymous said...

Colorado is a must see on my list. I only stopped at the Denver airport on a transit once, and that was enough!

Rafting should have been a lot of fun!

This time I made it to Seattle because I got free tickets from my travel agent who previously mucked up my parents' tickets from India. Want me to pass on the contact?? ;)

Altoid said...

Tell me about domestic airfare!I've been looking at tickets to Seattle myself for the past 3 months and each time, it only seems to rise just like the mercury in this area. Never realised Denver had so much to offer. Will add it to the list.


Trish said...

Wowww denver sounds soo cool..
BTW,I just booked my tickets to seattle and got a great deal..280 with taxes..on South west..:)

DewdropDream said...

I was supposed to have been in thr US originally. Now you're all making me wish I had :D hehe

Mama - Mia said...

pictures woman!!

its criminal to write about such gorgeous places and people (wetsuit and all ahem!) and not give us some pics!

sounds like a brilliant trip!! so much adventure packed into one long weekend!! :)

heres to many more! long weekends and adventures! :)



I love Lucy said...

The pics will be up soon.The husband is supposed to convert them from the raw format to jpeg and the lazy bum that he is,has been procrastinating ever since we got back!

@Loca : Oh it so is!All of Colorado is very pretty actually.

@SnS : The rafting was amazing!!At one point I was almost thrown into the water but I managed to cling on to the raft!

@clueless : The mountains just take your breath away, right!
Beda paa...your travel agent sounds a little scary!

@Altoid : I don't know what the deal is with tickets to Seattle.But no complaints whatsoever.Colorado was awesome.Do check it out :)

@Trish : How did you manage to get such low fares???!!!!
From Dallas,the fares are way too expensive to Seattle :( And the funny thing is that Dallas is a SouthWest hub!!

@Dewdrop : Come off no...we are all here..readymade company.What say!!

@Abha : It was a really nice trip,Abha.The hiking and the white water rafting took the adventure quotient to new heights!Photos coming up soon :)

La vida Loca said...

Dew drop..please stay in England..we need a place to stay if and when we visit :P

DotThoughts said...

wow! you do travel :) i have heard so many nice things about denver! your trip sounded wonderful!

I love Lucy said...

@Loca : Oh yaa..I hadn't thought of that at all!Good point!

@Dottie : We have been doing an awful lot of traveling lately!And yeah,Denver is everything they say and more.Beautiful place!

Sraikh said...

U were here!! Fuck!! I am like 8 miles from downtown Boulder. I am in love with Colorado. It would difficult to move from here.