Friday, September 21, 2007


I watched the India-England and India-South Africa matches in the Twenty20 world cup.And I must say that I am slightly confused with the whole format and the way the game itself is treated by the players.It took me two matches to feel anywhere close to comfortable with the sport.I was intrigued by how the Indian team would perform considering that the three big guns wouldn't be firing away.And I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that this young and raw team isn't doing all that badly!

But I guess the worst moment of the tournament was the departure of South Africa.SA is one team I have always liked apart from New Zealand.And, as bizzare as the this whole concept of Twenty20 cricket maybe,I still felt sad to see SA crumble in the manner that they did.Before the game,it was almost a given that SA will enter the semis one way or another.They had remained unbeaten in the tournament.But to see them in a position where they were unable to score even the measly 126 that would have seen them through to the next round, was really disheartening.I wonder why this team is jinxed in this manner and why it is destined to choke on D-day, almost every time.Just why do they do this to themselves?At one stage in the match yesterday,I couldn't help wondering if SA even knew what they needed to score to qualify for the semis.And like as if someone was reading my mind,the permutations were flashed on the score board for everyone to see!I felt just as bad for them as I had during that World Cup match when Shaun Pollock miscalculated the numbers and SA lost.

Much has already been said and written about South Africa's "choking" so I shall refrain from contributing.Just that ,they so richly deserved to play in that semi-final on Saturday...


Divya said...

I remember that miscalculation bit! And ya, it has always been one of the nicer teams, so that felt bad too! But right now, India vs Pak is all I can think of! Praying hard that we win :)

I love Lucy said...

@Divya : We wonnnn!!!!!!! :-)