Friday, September 14, 2007

Of celebrations and such..

Born in a Hindu Brahmin family and married into another one,I constantly keep getting reminders from back home about some approaching festival or the other.

But you know what,I do really like the idea of celebrating a festival.At least in the way that I remember it from my Bangalore days.I don't much care about all the religious hocus-pocus. Celebrating a festival for me means:

*Waking up early in the morning
*Wearing new clothes
*The house looking neat and tidy and shiny
*Mom making the most scrumptious of meals
*The elaborate lunch with the entire family
*The house smelling amazingly good,thanks to all the incense sticks and flowers
*Dad giving me money after the puja
*People coming over
*Us visiting people
*The amazing sight of the array of lamps being lit up
*Listening to Carnatic music

I try and do as much as I can towards celebrating festivals.I believe in god but I do not believe in rituals and elaborate worshiping.I say my little prayer and do my little puja in the only way that I know,all of which probably taking no more than 6 minutes.I try and cook a decently traditional meal,with M's help.I should mention here that M is an atheist.And I completely respect his choices as he does,mine.So a festival for us is more of an occasion to be thankful for what we have and get together and celebrate life by eating good food and having a good conversation.

And that is exactly what we plan to do tomorrow!


Renovatio said...

I prefer house smelling good because of good food being cooked. Glad to see that's the smell you're going for tomorrow. By the way, what is tomorrow?

The word verification is 'xleoxc'. Makes me think dyslexic for some strange reason.

Divya said...

Hmmm, luckily for me, we never had any elaborate pujas done. Though the yummy food was a given. This was my first puja after the wedding, and things were pretty much the same here too! Infact no waking up early for me :), as for The Dude, well( with the number of coincidences we've had, shunt come as a surprise) he is an atheist too!
Hope you had a great Ganesh Chaturthi! :)

I love Lucy said...

@Reno : Me too!And thats exactly what we did.Cooked and ate nicely!!
Saturday was Ganesh Chaturti BTW.
And pray,what is "xleoxc" ?

@Divya : Oh we did!At least as far as the food was concerned!!
So first year after wedding huh... your folks must be fussing all over you and the Dude then ;-)

Renovatio said...

I believe you would pronounce it as 'zuh-lee-ock-see'

Third template I've seen your blog on in the last few visits...

I love Lucy said...

@Reno : I knowwwwww! Just goes to show what boredom can do someone(!!

Spunky Monkey said...

Oh, it's the same in our home too. South Indian stuff can be fun at times.
So did you do all these the next day?

chandni said...

lovely....this is the only level of celebration I am comfortable with, being an athiest myself..have fun!

I love Lucy said...

@Spunky Monkey : Oh yes,fun indeed!And we did do some of the things mentioned in my list...the lunch,the neat,tidy and nice-smelling house...hmmm ashte ansathe :-D

@Chandni : It has to be fun for both of us,otherwise no point calling it a celebration.So we have found a way to do just that :) And who can say no to good food anyways,right ;-)