Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wooo hooo!

So I was watching my favorite show,So You Think You Can Dance, last night and I jumped off the couch in sheer delight on two occasions.Both times the couple that was dancing was one my favorites on the show,Katie and Joshua.The first time around was when they danced to OUR song.The husband was finishing up some work on his laptop while I was checking email on mine and all of a sudden the song started playing.Both us looked up at that very instant and turned towards each other and exchanged that smile and kissed once we realized that they were actually dancing to our song.Neat!

The second instance was towards the end of the show when the very same couple danced to "Dhoom thaana" from Om Shanthi Om which was choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan.This was the very first time that they had a Bollywood dance number on the show and it was just so nice to see these two do the perfect thumkas and jhatkas in typical Bollywood style!Everybody in the audience as well as the judges enjoyed the performance immensely as did I.

You so have to check it out here!


Anonymous said...

Oh man! I missed out on the last part of the show because I was going out...thanks for putting it up.

The dancers did a good job, but I still felt something was missing...maybe SRK??

Silvara said...

I saw that on youtube and loved it as well they actually danced very well to it...just wiehd it went on for a bit longer....

good stuff - can't wait until the american version is aired here! :)

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY ROCKS !!! Both of them did an excellent job !!!! I was soooooo impressed !!! I think I'll go watch the video again :-))

La vida Loca said...

hey check ur e ail..sent u something

Mama - Mia said...

well cant watch videos in office!! wil check it out at home!!

meanwhile thank you for other interesting kissing details etc! ;)



Altoid said...

Wow, the city of angels song is my fave too! And they did a great job on the bollywood number. I can imagine how it must feel to listen to apna music on an American TV show!

I love Lucy said...

@cluelessness : You are welcome!I would have liked to see some more like Silvara mentioned but no,so did not miss SRK.I don't quite care for him :)

@Silvara : They did such a good job, didn't they!And yeah it left me wishing to see more for sure.
Hey hope you are feeling better flu-wise!

@SnS : Yeah they did a really good job and they got almost all the movements right!It was fun to watch!

@Loca : Thanks hun!

@Abha : Poore post mein sirf woh wali baath notice ki aapne!!!
But do check the video out,it is fun to watch!

@Altoid : So we have similar tastes..glad to know!
And yeah,it was pretty cool to watch them perform as well as hear good things being said about apna Bollywood and apna culture :)

rajk said...

Hey, I'd been thinking of writing about this since the minute the show got over...Now finally after reading this, I did!
It was lovely, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

It was damn neat huh?!
I caught it on youtube too, from a blog post, and simply loved it! Even after they were done, they walked towards the judges in such typical bollywood style, I was floored!

Abhipraya said...

I saw the video its unbelievable!!!!

And I have been looking for that song...had forgotten what it was called! So big thanks :)

I love Lucy said...

@divya : I know!!That finishing touch was damn cool I thought!That is my favorite couple in the competition..I hope they make it to the final four.

@rajk: I just read your post :) Yeah it was really cool!

@Abhipraya : Oh you are welcome!!I have the show recorded on my DVR so everytime I am bored,I do a revision of all my favorite moments of the show!