Friday, July 25, 2008

What can I do?

So I seem to have some time on hand and I have been racking my brains to come up with something to do.Something different.Something useful.

Last summer I took swimming lessons and did a brief stint of hosting a radio program at a local radio station.This summer I am stumped for ideas.So I am turning to all you people out there for suggestions about what I can do this summer.

I am looking at learning Spanish.I would also like to something that would supplement my professional IT experience and look good on my resume.Any ideas?

Also has anyone heard of the CAPM(Certified Associate in Project Management) certification?Is it any good?

I am so looking forward to all that you wonderful people have to say!


La vida Loca said...

Spanish is a great idea.
Crocheting, knitting, polymer jewelery making, pottery, sculpture..whew I am out!

Altoid said...

Hm, toastmasters? Helps in public speaking, but actually helps get used to stand up in front of an audience and speak convincingly. At least thats what I took out of it. I dont know if its something to add to the resume.

I'm one to talk, cos this year, I am practically doing nothing myself, and its August already!

Anonymous said...

Learning Spanish is a very good idea. Some musical instruments maybe?

Anonymous said...

Since you are in land of cowboys, why not take some fun classes in horse riding and throwing that lasso? And you get to dress for the part too!

Sraikh said...

Hmm.. I am the queen of taking classes. I have taken Spanish class but the thing with language is that a basic one doesnt cut it. You have to continue them in order to get basic knowledge.
I took knitting classes and loved it. Knitting is very relaxing and once you learn it you will never forget it. And please do not think its for old gramdmas. The patterns out there are very young, hip and cool :)
What about a belly dancing or some kind of fitness class?
Ohhh if you are into photography, a photography class?
A cooking class?
Look into your community colleges. Very cheap and fun as well.
I am still bummed that you came all the way here and I didnt get to meet you!!

Abhipraya said...

Learning Spanish should be fun. Some of the words are very close to Indian languages. But like someone here said it, just basic won't do.
Some other options would be salsa, belly dancing (I hear this is great fun), Pottery, film making / photography...may be you can try your hand at theatre too, it can be very liberating. Do let us know what you finally decide :)

Renovatio said...

How about a dance form?

Thought Room said...

How about a trek or a hike? There are pleanty of trails... could be fun.

Mama - Mia said...

i wish i had your enthu! whenever i had this kinda time, i would just while it away!!

how about learning some dance?? might be fun! i am dying to do it someday in future! :)



Anonymous said...

Learning to play a Musical instrument should be good! I have always wanted to learn playing a guitar, atleast the basics :)
And don't think too hard, just take up something immediately before you get too lazy for it!

DotThoughts said...

local radio station??? WOW. there is so much more to you than meets the eye :)

I love Lucy said...

@All : Thanks so much for all your suggestions!

@Loca : I am not the arty kind but I guess I would have liked to learn some embroidery techniques.

@Altoid : Public speaking and debating has always been my first love...something that I have done a lot of and a decent job at that.But yeah I need to make up mind soon!

@SnS : Leaning towards Spanish for now..

@cluelessness : Horse riding not such a good idea considering how bad my back is :) So thats kinda ruled out for me!

@sraikh : Wow!Where Do you find time to do all that?You are a superwoman!!

@abhipraya : I would actually love to do something related to theater...I love the stage!I was looking at a theater class here but don't know if my accent will be a problem.Should check it out.

@Reno : YOU ARE BACK! :)
I have taken a few Salsa and ballroom dance lessons and these things are no fun without a partner.The husband is too shy to join me and I have had a terrible experience while dancing with random partners so don't want to go there!

@Thoughtroom : We do that all the time.And moreover,we live in Dallas.Ever heard of the scorching summers that we normally experience? :)

@mama mia : Naah...I am all talk at times.It takes a lot of motivation for me to get cracking as well!

@divya : Yup..guitar lessons do sound like fun!I need to get my ass moving like you said though!

@dottie : How have you been??!!
Oh the radio thingy wasn't that big a deal at all!

Thought Room said...

Sorry, did not not you were in Dallas. May be you should pack your bags, and head right over here to Atlanta. The weather is great, and we are just south of the smokey mountain!

Orchid said...

lemme know if u are baby sittin' , i have business for u :)

Orchid said...

try photography...uj did lessons at the local comm college and loved it!

I love Lucy said...

@ThoughtRoom : Now THAT is a thought!I am yet to see Smoky mountains so it figures right on top of my to-see list :)
Could you give me your email id please?

Pri said...
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Pri said...

yeah i support learning to knit. totally.

La vida Loca said...

Also write a post

DewdropDream said...

I second La vida loca! :D What did you end up doing that you've been so busy and left us post-less all these days?!

Anonymous said...

write a book :D

DewdropDream said...

We demand a new post!!!