Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend update

To compensate for the rough week that I had at work or something...the weekend was really nice!

We did the usual Masala dosa + buttermilk + tea brunch routine at Taj on Saturday and not to mention,the dosa was heavenly!And I had to host another show at the radio station but it wasn't half as bad as my regular show.Oh,I guess I haven't mentioned earlier that I dabble with some RJing at a local start-up desi radio station :)

Well,it all started when I got to know that this particular radio station was looking for people to do voice-overs for commercials and that their studio happened to be just down the same street as our apartment complex!So I went there and recorded 3 commercials and just got hooked!So when they called me after a couple of days asking if I would be interested in doing an infomercial,I said yes!The infomercial is sponsored by this guy HP, who owns a mortgage company.So its his show basically and I just play second fiddle.He talks a lot,I talk a bit,I play some songs and we take calls from listeners and he ends up doing the talking all over again! But it is a lot of fun and I get to "run the board" as they call it which means I get to operate that cool looking mixer in the studio.Yes people,it is a live show and no,I do not get paid just in case you were wondering because like I mentioned earlier,they are a "start-up"?! Nice excuse!

So yesterday HP called me exactly 40 minutes before we were scheduled to go on air and announced that he would not be able to make it and I was supposed to handle the entire one-hour show by myself! Whaaat!?He mentioned 3-4 points which he wanted me to elaborate on and wished me luck.Considering that yesterday was my third time on air and that I have no fricking clue about mortgages and commercial loans ,I definitely needed all the luck I could get!So I did whatever research I could possibly do in 20 minutes and then somehow managed to do the show without throwing up even once.It wasn't my best work but I did manage to keep it together until the end of the hour so that was an accomplishment alright!And then I was informed that I would be doing another 30 minute talk show with some doctor guy about herbal remedies for common ailments.Yeah right,like that was totally up my alley!!But the good thing was that this guy came to the studio with a nice print-out that had all the details I needed including the questions I was supposed to ask him!So hosting that show was like a cake-walk because all I had to do was read out from the script!!

And I watched two gems of movies,both Tamil : Chennai-28 and Mozhi. Chennai-28 was fun all the way and lived up to all the hype that surrounded it.And it was based on cricket so I just had to like it!And Mozhi....what a wonderful movie;it was Jyothika at her best ever.It is such a pity that she decided to quit acting because her performance in Mozhi is absolutely fantastic.Go watch it,people.

I enjoy watching Tamil movies,especially the ones directed by Mani Rathnam and the ones that feature the Super-Star and this,I only have my mother to thank for.Though both my parents are Kannadigas,my maternal grandfather moved to Chennai when my mother was a 7-month old baby.So she was raised in Chennai and moved to Bangalore only after she married my father.All her siblings were born and brought up in Chennai so that was where I would spend my summer vacation every single year for almost 8 years.Yes,you read it right....summer vacation in Madras ! And thats when I picked up Tamil and was initiated into the world of the Super-Star.My mother and I have this thing...of watching these few movies like Mouna Raagam,Dhalapathi,Padiappa,Agni Nakshatiram....over and over and over again!We must have watched each of these movies over 20 times together but even today if any one of them is playing on TV,we will watch it and enjoy it just as much as we did the first time!That is one of our things :)

Oh,M and I made paaysa and puliyogre and voggarne mosranna for lunch and chilly paneer for an evening snack,today!Yes people,I did have a wonderful weekend!


just passing by said...

lovely weekend it seems:) And ooh yes, i want chilly paneer:) Btw, i did the tag!

Shruthi said...

Hey RJing - that sounds so cool!
Btw, I see you are a foodie - welcome to the club :D

Su said...

Wow. Nice :) Happy to hear you sounding all cheery. I might do a stint with a Rj'ship too. Think I wrote about it in one of my older posts........

have u read my jalsa jilpa post. I love chennai 28. what a movie :) Premji rocks

Mridula said...

wow..RJing and all...coooool !! And your weekend did look yumm-yumm!!

I love Lucy said...

@just passing by : The chilli paneer came out pretty well and it became more like our dinner than a snack!

@shruthi : The RJing bit is nothing fancy,Shru.Like I mentioned in the post,I play co-host on an infomercial.But its fun and I am quite enjoying the experience :)

@Su : Yep,the weekend did wonders to my spirits!And yes,the movie was lot of fun indeed.I liked Mozhi even better though!Prakash Raj rocks!

@Mridula : We ate nicely and lazed around :D .
And remember how I was complaining about a few things the other day?Its all nicely taken care of :)

Madhu said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Btw I heard a bit of your radio show last didnt sound bad at all for it being one of your first few shows!