Thursday, August 2, 2007

All my friends

Blogging is addictive!And suddenly,I seem to have all this free time on hand to pursue my latest obsession and I seem to have so many things on my mind that I want to blog about.Very convenient, huh!Well,just as long as my boss is unaware of my extra-curricular activities,I am ok.

So I was thinking about Basaveshwaranagar today and Lucy apart,something else that I remember vividly is that I knew almost everyone in that locality!Mother would refuse to take me with her to the angadi beedhi(street with all the stores) because I would stop every few yards to exchange greetings with some familiar passer by.And I was all of 10 years old!I don't even know how I got acquainted with some those people as my interaction with them would be restricted to a nod,smile and "Hi".But nevertheless,I knew them and thats all mattered.

In that respect,nothing much has changed to date.I know a lot of people; some of them are buddies and many of them are acquaintances.But what intrigues me is that I have very few really really close friends.And these handful of people are the ones that I have known for the longest time now; since high school and pre-university (PU).And whats even more intriguing is that I am not even in regular touch with some of them!Yet,if you asked me to name my dearest friends,its this very bunch that would figure in my list!It somehow seems that I have become incapable of going beyond a certain point in a platonic relationship/friendship/association.And this is very strange because back in school and PU,I used to be very picky about who my friends were,very unlike how I used to be as a child.And it just so happened that I got extremely lucky and effortlessly bonded with those folks that I mentioned earlier, who turned out to be friends for life.So I never really had to make an effort to make anymore friends as I had what I wanted and was content with what I had.

I,obviously,changed over the years and became more "tolerant" of people and their attitudes.So you would think that I would make more friends along the way and that too with considerable ease,right?Wrong.I did make many acquaintances but thats about it.And this is the case even today.For some unknown reason,I have just not been able to establish a bond with anyone in particular no matter how hard I tried.I would reach a certain point with them and then something would invariably go kaput.Even as a couple,we find it increasingly difficult to socialize with another couple and actually enjoy ourselves.Either the other couple has kids and we don't as yet and hence they cannot relate to us or they want to do a potluck and stay home all evening and talk and eat and talk and then eat some more every single time we meet or one of them(sometimes both) is so unbearably obnoxious that all he/she talks about is how things in India have changed and how poor and dirty and hungry people back home are and how getting a green card is equivalent to attaining nirvana or sometimes,for absolutely no reason whatsoever!So while we do socialize quite often,we don't have as much fun as we would have liked!

So when M and I met up with this newly married couple,RT and Jag, not too long ago and ended up having a whale of time,it was a very pleasant surprise indeed.And off late we have started going out a lot with M's colleagues and their spouses/partners and its been lots and lots of fun!

Hope the trend continues because I was kinda reassured that it is not me,atleast not always!


Madhu said...

To make you feel better..there seem to be a whole lot of people feeling this your not the only one! It is strange but maybe our expectations out of people grows exponentially with our age!

I love Lucy said...

Maybe..maybe not.Who knows!
It would have been so much fun if you or B lived close by..especially on days like today when all I wanted was to go a shopping spree with "the girls"!