Friday, August 17, 2007

Wanting what you don't have and having what you don't want..

The weather outside is just perfect. A slight drizzle, temperature in the 80s and the sun nowhere to be seen. Perfect for taking the day off and staying in, snuggling with M on the couch, eating hot bajjis, drinking a big mug of piping-hot-elaichi-ginger tea and watching a nice desi movie. If only …*Sigh*

Last year, the same time around, I was still a grad student on a dependent visa which meant that I could not be legally employed. I remember how I used to hate spending time at home and couldn’t wait to get a job and start working all over again! And now the very thought of being able to stay home and laze around excites me no end! I couldn’t wait for us to buy another car so that I could gallivant all around town and go on those impromptu shopping sprees all by myself. And now the very thought of any driving other than that short, inconspicuous 10-minute drive to work, kinda puts me off! I couldn’t wait to start my new job as I could get to have my own space without any intrusions or having someone breathing down my neck all the time, like the case was in my previous workplace. And now I find my current work place boring because everyone keeps to themselves and the interaction between all of us is limited to our weekly meetings or when we bump into each other at the water cooler area or in the wash room.And hence...the title!

Actually the title of the post best describes my wardrobe situation.I never seem to have the right clothes to take on a trip or the right clothes to wear on a particular occasion.I never seem to have the right clothes or enough clothes for that matter.Period.M learnt very quickly that the best way to tackle the clothes-situation was to ignore it.But my mother somehow would get very flustered when I would complain about my non-existent problem.She could not fathom how her offspring turned out to be like this.So every time I would complain about how I had no clothes to wear,she would say "Thathasthu" and secretly hoped that someday I would find myself in exactly that situation.What love!

Something that I have never been able to justify though is how I have all these outfits in my closet which I chose and bought myself but went on to hate their very existence for some inexplicable reason,and that too after wearing them just the one time.


M said...

ah! just as I was lookin into my wardrobe and thinkin wat to carry for our trip... I FELT THE SAME THING !!! Its so damn true!

just passing by said...

:) I never have enough 'nice' clothes to wear. I think its a feeling and phenomena all women share. We're sisters in distress my dear.

just passing by said...

And you post title is just perfect. Sums up life in general.

Divya said...

So right! The right clothes are never there, and my mom ( and now my husband) always seem to wonder how I am able to complain about having 'nothing to wear' when most of the cupobiards are my junk!

Btw, Nice blog :)

Su said...

I feel that way too. I'm not a big shopper but i begin to feel that everything feels tighter when I when it in real. I think the shop windows are deceptive to incite us to make purchases

I love Lucy said...

M : Aah the trip..I almost forgot!!
just passing by : Sisters in distress Nice!!Never heard that one before!!
Divya : My husband has given up on me!! And thanks for stopping by :)
Su : And we fall for it every single time!

CW said...

Thanks for stopping by! Wardrobe-distress indeed. Maybe someone should start a reality show on 'how to cut a striking figure in the (rather mundane) wardrobe you currently own'.
Am off to dig into yr archives..

I love Lucy said...

@CW : I vaguely remember seeing snippets of a show to that effect currently running in this part of the world!
Thanks for leaving a comment..always makes my day! :)