Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Reality Bites...

My parents were here on a short vacation and so M and I decided to get the International package on Direct TV that comprised of all the Star TV channels and then some more like Vijay TV and NDTV.So mother and I would watch all the "reality-based shows" on the the desi channels and boy-o-boy...I was convinced that Indian Television had hit a new nadir.

Take "Koffee Kwith Karan".First of all,this obsession with "K" the man and his bum chum lady friend who rules the Ksoap Kopera scene,have.And then,the man himself!I have not seen anybody as narcissistic as this guy.Or even annoying for that matter.He seems to have patented the word "Fraternity" which he uses at the drop of the hat.And do not even get me started about his "Rapid-Fire Round" which comprises of the standard 4-Qs.Something about Rani,Preity,Kaajol and then Salman,Sharukh,Aamir,Saif and then something do to with Rakhi Sawaant and finally his pet peeve,homosexuality.Lord,give me a break!This guy is all of 34 and is touted as the "Maker of stars".More like "Maker of crap(py movies)".

And then all those shows which claim to be hunting for the next singing sensation and have this panel of so-called celebrities in the music industry.See the thing is I love watching shows which have something to do with music or dance.But when I watch "Indian Idol" or "Star Voice of India",it just depresses me.Agreed,some of the participants are really good and have real talent.But what gets to me is the utterly atrocious behavior of the judges on these shows.These judges are well-known personalities and at some point in their career,have made a decent contribution to music.Yet,they act like imbeciles who are possessed by some confused spirit.Their comments reek of stupidity and bias and some more plain stupidity.I pity the poor host of the show who gets caught in the cross fire and is unable to to do anything to bring back sanity on the sets.And in the worst situation, are the poor participants who cannot fathom what they did wrong or right for that matter,to ignite such a heated and meaningless debate amongst the judges.

But the award for the most ridiculous show ever goes to the "Antakshari" show hosted by that annoying 4-foot something,Anu Kapoor and that girl,about whom the less said the better.It is supposed to be a competition for kids but most of the kids that participate act like they are freaking 35 year old morons.And then we have the parents of these kids who act worse than 5 year olds fighting over who's pencil box is prettier(thats what we used to do when we were 5 years old).And the objections these parents raise and that too on National Television!!!One parent objected to the fact that the co-host did not hug his daughter as much as she does, the other fat kid on the show!*banging head on nearest wall*

I kinda like "Coffee with Anu" on Vijay TV.She focuses less on gossip and keeps the momentum of the show going without resorting to cheap gimmicks,unlike her male/gay counterpart on the other channel.I also like the "Super Singer" series which does have an annoying host as per current trend but everything else is nice about this show.The judges are a class-act and speak only when necessary and they always keep in mind that its young children that are being judged.The participants are well-behaved and act their age.The parents are restrained and show respect for the judges and their judgment.

My all-time favorite reality show is "So You Think You Can Dance" On FOX Network.I cannot even begin to describe how good this show is in terms of quality,grace,class and presentation.Its a dance based show wherein 20 contestants are picked initially.A girl and a guy pair up and each week,they pick a dance style which could be anything from Samba to hip-hop to Viennese waltz.They are given 5 hours to learn a new routine in their chosen style which is taught to them by a renowned choreographer who specializes in that style.America chooses the bottom 3 couples and the judges then decided which girl and guy leaves the show.This show is a class apart.For starters,it has the hottest host ever who is all of 7 feet and is grace personified.The judges are well-known choreographers who are so unbiased in their rulings.And the participants just rock.You will see a B-boy waltzing away effortlessly in the most complicated routine or a contemporary dancer rocking the floor with a hip-hop routine.All in all,a class act!I like!

Remember Lucille Ball or Fauji or Buniyaad...?


Pri said...

yay a tv post! my favourite. i have the same exact channels except vijay was only free for a week. my mother loves that aashta channel. we used to also get mtv desi and then they stopped. i even wrote a little goodbye post to them on my blog. ndtv is pretty cool though. i get my fix of news, talk shows, entertainment and cricket. also since ure a cricket fan check out that channel right before doordarshan [ u do know they provide free DD. its terribly boring though] its a free cricket channel. no live matches or anything but fun nonetheless.

i watched like the first show of antakshari but then i couldnt see for a couple of hours after that [thanks to their wonderful stage decor] so i stopped. i wrote a post on that too. most of my posts are tv related because i have an no social life.
im rambling. ill stop.

I love Lucy said...

priI did see the free cricket channel during random surfing...the one where they show world cup matches all the time right?*sigh* world cup...2 words that leave me in a state of angst..much like the other 2 words..sourav ganguly.

Mridula said... begin with, I'm totally new to blogging. I always had this urge to pen down my thots as ad when I felt like but never got down to write anytime in my life! Wonder why! Either I was too scared that I dint find a good-enough place to hide my diary OR someone would read it OR I would get scared myself thinking of all the good/bad things that life has given me whenever I open it and read about the past! Whatever it was...I never did it! But now, I'm beginning to think of blogging. Guess I'm inspired by your blogs or maybe I now have a safe place to hide them:-)

Well, I LOVED ur blogs..specially the I love Lucy one! Moved me enough and I guess I'm gonna spend the rest of today thinking of what you could have gone thru, how cute Lucy was, the attachement one tends to have towards animals, the love that animals show....all that and more! I wont be surprised if I start thinking spiritually subsequently....about life, love, death....brr....lemme stop here for now. I still have the entire day to do this:-))

Keep blogging friend!
& Keep awaiting my comments:)

I love Lucy said...

@mridula,thank you thank you! :)
and you should resume writing(either your diary or a blog)...can be a lot of fun!
I inspired you to think spiritually??!!!Are we talking about the same blog/post/person here??!!!!
Looking forward to the trip and to meeting all of you..

I love Lucy said...

and to your comments :) *HUGS*

Madhu said...

Yeah I love lucy was one of my fav shows too. And ofcourse I remember Fauji..ahem..Shahrukh's one and only good performance.

I love Lucy said...

@Maddy I thought he did a decent job in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa..after that it was just hamming!

Su said...

Good one :) Me thinks that these reality shows ( I do not watch much TV) ask these judges to behave as if struck by a ' confused spirit', just to increase publicity and make the audience talk.

Like they say in PR, any publicity is good publicity :)

I love Lucy said...

Su Now that brings up another issue..Imagine the kinda money these people are getting paid to make a mockery of themselves on National Television!Is it really worth losing their dignity?