Friday, August 3, 2007

Justice served...?

I was listening to this radio show on a local desi station and the topic of discussion was the imprisonment of Sanjay Dutt and how unfair and severe the sentencing was.Plans were being made to send a petition on behalf of all the Indians here thus expressing their displeasure and showing their solidarity to the actor.

So here we have someone who was found guilty of no less than possession of illegal arms that were used in the 1993 Bombay blasts.But for some reason which defies all logic,the aam junta wants him to be set free.What if he was not a film star but one among the aam junta itself?Would these people still have shown so much mercy and solidarity?They say its all dirty politics and that the poor sod was misled and misguided into committing the criminal act.This one gentleman from our neighboring country went to the extent of declaring on air (on the radio show that I mentioned earlier) that procuring illegal guns in our country as well as our neighboring country is no big deal and it is not a crime by any standards and that too definitely not one that entails six years in prison.He went one step further and added that when Salman Khan hasn't been punished for his acts of crime,how can our Sanjay Dutt be subjected to imprisonment? *Kharma Kharma*

The "Munna Bhai" series seem to have done wonders in boosting the image of SD.But people should stop confusing the on-screen persona for the man himself.He may be a good man and his father may have been a great man and his drug addiction may be overlooked to an extent citing that it caused harm to just him and his family and to no one else.But when his actions result in a huge disaster ,one as horrific as the 1993 bomb blasts,I am sorry sir,but it cannot go unnoticed.I am not an expert on the legal system so I cannot comment on whether his sentence was harsh or not.But all I know is that he deserved to be punished.

Now coming back to Salman Khan,I am beginning to lose count of all his misdemeanors as he seems to be getting into trouble on a regular basis.He hunts down endangered animals and then decides that he wants to go one step further and see what killing a human being feels like.So he gets drunk silly and runs his car over helpless pavement dwellers who were fast asleep for Christ's sake and ends up killing one of them.(Reminds me of the Kannada movie "Accident".A gem)The fact that he continues to pretend to act in films is yet another unpardonable crime.So yes,lets ask the obvious here.Why wasn't he punished?Why wasn't justice served?
I bet if someone convinced him that after Paris Hilton went to jail for her DUI offense,it did her nothing but good and she made lot of moolah giving interviews on TV,our pal might just be tempted to follow suit.

Oh whatever.As long as idiots like our radio show pal continue to endorse the moronic behavior of our so called "Bollywood stars",this trend will continue.

(One of best friends lost her uncle and family in those 1993 blasts.I still remember how miserable I felt when she broke down after watching the movie "Bombay".)

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Mridula said...

Just going by simple humanitarian principles, I feel that anybody part of a heinous crime as the 1993 blasts should not go pardoned for whatever it calls for. ANYONE.....not ANYONE should be pardoned! Infact, if our judiciary system was a little more stronger and faster, he shouldnt have been free for these 14yrs too!!!

I remember his (SD's) father coming on one of the TV shows hosted by Farooq Sheikh. He says the sight of his son sitting in the 6'X4' cell was so disturbing for him! He went on to say that it was no justice to let him be in that condition! Mister....gimme a break! Do you think justice has been done to those innocent people & their families who lost their lives in the deadliest bomb blasts ever in India??? What about them?

I dont seem to understand why we give so much importance to this man! Just because hes an actor?! So what?? They definitely arent outside the purview of judiciary! They are not direct descendants from the heavens that they need to be pardoned and make so much news too. Agreed they are celebrities but that doesnt make them any differnt from the rest of us!

And about Salman Khan....why even get there! It only makes me hate him more & more! And why draw a comparison b/w him and SD?

Things cant get any worse than some foolish thick-headed person going on air about his opinion (indeed!) on SD's sentence!

All I can say is I'm pained by the scheme of things!