Tuesday, August 7, 2007



Nothing seems to be going right at work at the moment.I am stuck with this stupid task.No one has an inkling as to what needs to be done.But it has to be done.

How?What?...Why me?



Su said...

Which software or application ? Is this your on-campus job or are you working full-time ?

Su said...

Dang. Sorry. I thought you were a student. Pardon :)

Shruthi said...

Saint Shruthi says: This too shall pass.
All the best! And let us know how it worked out :)

I love Lucy said...

@Su : Some weird thing called jacORB and CORBA ! Now you know why I need to vent! And nope..no longer a student.*sigh*

@Saint Shruthi : Thanks you so much for the kind words :)

Madhu said...

There is always light at the end of the tunnel! Sometimes there are small tunnels and sometimes there are long tunnels...now dont you think your work is more interesting than this comment? ;)

I love Lucy said...

Maddy No I don't.Its that bad da!

But thanks for trying to make me feel better as you always do :)