Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nothing in particular

While the frustration at work continues,I find consolation amongst my blog friends : new and old.So a big shout out all you nice people :)

M made pizza again last night and this time I managed to take pictures before the pizza disappeared into oblivion!Will put them up in my next entry.

My latest craze : Tall latte,non-fat,extra-hot,light-foam at Starbucks.I have always been addicted to the latte at Starbucks,only now I have gone "non-fat".Its either that for consolation or hitting the gym on a regular basis.Easy choice,no!(The regular latte tastes sooo much better
though *sigh*)

I absolutely loveeee shopping for clothes,accessories,shoes and books.And when I decide to go shopping to cheer myself up after a bad day,thats when I end up finding nothing I like.And this happens every single time.

Tell me something...when you are involved in a group activity,doesn't it go without saying that everyone in the group should contribute in whatever way possible?And if you volunteer to get something done,you actually go ahead and get it done?


Pri said...

i have the exact opposite problem. i can always find stuff to buy. unfortunately this isnt a good thing because i have no self control whatsoever. just last evening i went to the mall AGAIN and totally bought a bunch of stuff i didnt really need but ohhh it was so much fun and what wonderful finds!!!!!!!!

I love Lucy said...

Lucky bum,you!

Stop hotte-ursufying!

Pri said...

heeeee heeeeeeee. wat to do? new stuff makes me happy.

Su said...

Yes. That's true. The group thing. However, sometimes we don't always do what we promise to.

Most of the time I do, but I have been guilty of not keeping up my word. I procrastinate WAY TOO MUCH

I love Lucy said...

@Su : Well sometimes is fine.But when it is done on a regular basis and the excuse given is "swamped with work",thats what gets to me. :) Especially since the rest of us in the group are "working" too!