Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lets play tag!

My first tag ever in the blog-world. *grin*

Su and just passing by, since you gave me the idea,I would first like to tag both of you.(Yipeeeeeeeee!)

And let me add Mridula, Maddy and Pri to my tag list for good measure.I would have loved to tag Shruthi too but she has already completed this exercise a few months ago!

So people,all you need to do is list down "some of your favorite things" ever!

Oh,and here are the much-awaited pizza-pictures!(this time he added paneer and cilantro instead of black olives...god bless the man!!)


Shruthi said...

Yumm! I am taking the next flight!

Madhu said...

That looks really good!When do I get to eat it?

I love Lucy said...

@Shruthi : :) Most welcome.

@Madhu : You tell me!

When is your next visit?And this time the little sweetie pie will be there too!!