Thursday, August 16, 2007

Of people and their names

---I know atleast 5 females named Arathi(and all the mutations/variations of the spelling of the name*phew*) and atleast 5 people of the male persuasion named Shreyas.

All the Arathi-s I know :

*are eccentric;some in a good way and some in a not-so-good way

*have short,straight,black hair

*are intelligent

*are fickle-minded

*do not make very good friends

*make great acquaintances

All the Shreyas-es I know :

*are cool dudes

*are fun to be around

*are super-talented in some form of art

*are good-looking

*have a great sense of humor

---I love the name Rhea and it happens to be quite a common name.Yet,I do not "know know" anyone named Rhea.

---In all this time that I have lived in this country,I am yet to meet a "John Smith" or a "John" or a "Smith".So much for commonality!

--I know tons and tons of Priya-s and none of them have anything in common except their names.



Pri said...

almost all the priya's i have met have been very very weird. lets see there was the creepy one, the onerakann with mpd and the super geeky one and lots more. the only priya i knew and liked was my neighbour. she was awesome.

I love Lucy said...

the onerakann with mpd


Whats mpd?

just passing by said...

Having grown up in Delhi, I was surrounded by Nehas & Poojas. And all of them have been like the giggly stupid teenagers, even after so many years. Makes me wonder if having a certain name makes you a certain kind of person.
And if so,am I the kind of person my name-kind should be?

Pri said...

mpd = multiple personality disorder

onerakann = looking london, talking tokyo

mpd + onerakann = bad combination

Su said...

Lets hope your friends the arathis are not reading this blog cos it's not really hard to find your blog on your social networking page :)

I love Lucy said...

just passing by : I seriously am convinced that people with certain names almost always behave in certain ways.Hence the post actually!

Pri : Hehehe

Su : I know!But its ok I guess. :)